Not a Ground Pounder


In 1967 I joined the army as a truck driver because I didn’t want to be infantry. That being said for the next 20+ years I tried to teach my drivers that everyone is infantry first and their job skill second. When you breakdown you become a foot soldier real quick.

During my career I was assigned to infantry, armor and transportation units, but almost always as a truck driver.

So imagine my surprise when our transportation unit was bused out to the army airfield in cattle cars (transport vehicles), loaded onto CH-47 helicopters and then dropped off in the mountains above Colorado Springs for a two day hike to Victor Colorado.

We carried everything in our backpacks and slept that first night among the trees.

The next day we limped into town into the park to await extraction by a helicopter that never showed up due to bad weather at the airfield. We waited a couple of hours for trucks to arrive and rode back to base. We were sure glad we didn’t have to walk back the way we came in.

I think they call that “adventure training”. No I’ll stick to driving or just staying home. No more camping with the guys. That’s been 24 years ago and I ache just thinking about it. – I am the Realtruckmaster!

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