Sheep and Goats


Do you know the difference between sheep, goats and politicians?

When God created sheep they began following their master unceremoniously but goats, that’s another thing altogether. Goats butt heads over nothing, just because they can.

Politicians on the other hand are confused to say the least. Their entire term is spent learning the ropes on how to be a good Democrat / Republican. They often did-remember why they were elected in the first place.

The two main political parties in American politics were badly named from the start. Or were they?

Democrats are hard headed, stubborn people who think they are God’s gift to America. They get an idea in their heads, convince themselves and others they are right – the only ones who can be right. Maybe the mule is a closer fit as a mascot than say a goat? Power hungry Democrats think they ARE God.

Republicans are learned people who understand the constitutional application of the bill of rights, but many times lack the intestinal fortitude necessary to persevere over the opposition. Republicans WISH they were God so they could zap those pesky Democrats into oblivion.

Voters wish both sides would simply GROW UP and act like Americans!

We spend way too much time fighting each other and the real enemy wants both sides to do each other in so they can pick up the spoils of war.

Too bad we can’t just boot them all out and start over, or can we? –


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