Coincidence or Outright Conspiracy

Democrats Playing Cards (August 2020)


Coincidence or Outright Conspiracy

Had anyone else thought about this?

I was going through some older FB pictures on my computer and this one caused me to stop and take a deeper look because it was posted on FB in August 2020.

Then I got to thinking about AOC’s Green New Deal. Remember when she first announced it and we called her crazy, but then the Chinese virus reared its ugly head and now with the banning of cow farts, mandating EVs and reducing oil reserves and present output crazy applies to whom in particular?

Who knew that a virus would sweep across the globe effecting economies large and small?

Who also knew that within months if not days automobile manufacturers would roll out an entire fleet of EVs even before adequate infrastructure could be brought up to speed?

Who knew that a certain state would ban the sale of gasoline powered trucks, and then gas powered automobile sales or most certainly in the near future will see the banning of being able to register gas powered vehicles all together?

For all practical purposes the future is electrifying the globe and for what deceitful purpose?

When armies are electrified, cities are fully electric and farm animals have had their @#%%&!’s plugged to prevent global warming contributions will this craziness ever cease?

Then the only one in control will be the power with the strongest EP machine berthed in outer space and able to zap the entire globe in a single revolution.

Talk about putting all your eggs in one basket? I sure hope they are boiled first! –


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