Hard Lesson to Learn the Hard Way

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Hard Lesson to Learn the Hard Way

“When you find yourself digging a hole that is way over your head – Stop Digging” – Will Rogers

I’m the guy who wants to right every wrong, fix everything and do my part to counter evil in the world we live in.

I see that driver who puts on his left turn signal and then makes a right turn from the center lane crossing 2 lanes of traffic because he see a GetYourCoffeeHere sign and thinks it’s A-Okay.

Statistically (that’s a big word in itself) speaking if one person can wreak havoc multiple times per day and you multiply that exponentially by how many billion people who have ever lived (including those living today) it becomes mindboggling. It’s like trying to put out a wild fire with a 1 gallon water bucket, with a hole in the bottom, only to find out that your fire is one of a thousand fires currently burning.

 So what brought this topic open for discussion?  What I call a fake FB group taking aim at “misinformed Fox viewers” saying that JB makes mistakes but is doing the right thing for our country, but not for him. Intentional “mistakes” are not mistakes at all. I don’t have the exact name of that group because I immediately blocked it from appearing on my news feed and no I didn’t join it either.

If you want to know the truth, look at what JB has done to our country over the past almost 2 years, and compare that to what he has done for his own family while in public service against the hype touted on that FB group and it doesn’t hold up.

In every arena of presidential responsibility has left our nation suffering and national security is at risk. Our economy is drastically down, gas prices unusually high and going higher, illegal immigration is out of control with no end in sight, this massive push for eEverything is like pushing our nation down a tight rope over a grand canyon with no safety net. While public servants in Congress and previous administration officials (with the exception of DJT) have increased their personal wealth way beyond their financial means.

And we’re expected to believe the democratic hype of this new FB group that Joe’s the good guy? Give me a break already. When I see a posting on social media, an ad on television or a highway sign that reeks of “misinformation” I feel that it is my job to correct it.

Well guess what – I’ve been told that it’s not my job.

So am I just going to stop?

I don’t think so Tim.

For all those who wanted me to post something positive on my RTM blogs – I just did!

Maybe I should just stick to rainbows and unicorns while Americans are sucked down that high pressure sink hole caused by democratic incompetence. Be careful what you asked for, you might just get it! –


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