My Thoughts About The Chosen

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My Thoughts About The Chosen

I recently got a message from a friend who is questioning this new crowd-funded television show called The Chosen.

I am seeing your posts about “The Chosen” and you are recommending them. 

Are they truly Christian based? 

Do they tell us who Jesus really is and that Jesus is the only way to get to know our God? 

I’m seeing posts also from other Christians who are recommending do not watch because the movies and books are not biblical.  Just asking because I have not seen any of the movies so am really confused whether or not I even want to see the movies.

Those are really good questions to ask.

I strongly recommend The Chosen, but understand that it is a television show that is written from actual bible scripture. I’ve watched every episode of every season (1 & 2) thus far and I can tell you that The Chosen brings each character to life with a compelling and plausible substantial backstory. On the screen they actually become real people who knew Jesus as a real man and as a very real God who cares for them. The Chosen is well written and even the actors have been changed in a way that only God can do.

The writing takes the bible stories about Jesus from his miraculous birth, his ministry years to the cross. It tells us about those who knew and walked with Jesus by taking a dimensional names and giving them character. The backstory of each individual enables us to get to know them as people, struggling with habits living every day with the ups and downs, death, sickness and disease – just like us.

The Chosen doesn’t replace the bible, nor does it draw people away from the bible as some believe. The Chosen can supplement the bible and help bring the Word of God to life on the big screen in a way that even little children can understand.

Does The Chosen tell that Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The Life – a resounding YES!

Before the first episode was written the creator (Dallas Jenkins) produced a short video on the birth of Jesus as seen through the eyes of the shepherds “The Messengers” and this short video has been released as a Christmas special.

The Chosen is NOT just another “Jesus” movie. The writing, production, crowd-funding and everything about The Chosen is God inspired.

Season 3’s first 2 episodes are going to be released in theatres, and then they will be made available for free on The Chosen app, which can be cast through Roku onto your television. There are going to be 7 seasons, with roughly 8 one hour episodes each season.

The neat thing about The Chosen is that it is crowd funded – no Hollywood or big studio production. It is being produced and filmed from specially built studios in Texas and Utah.

Remember it’s a television series, so buying The Chosen gifts, donating or paying it forward is what enables it to be available for others to see totally free – around the world. You can buy the DVD set and share it with family and friends anytime.

You can watch The Chosen on your phone, computer or laptop by downloading the app from the Google or Apple stores and watch the episodes for free.

The Chosen brings Jesus to life as a real person for many who have been turned off or not accepted by religion. The first episode of season one sets up that premise when Mary Magdalene meets Jesus.

Recently The Chosen gathered a group of Generation X kids who don’t see them as fitting in church. They were interviewed before showing them seasons 1 & 2 and then interviewed them again.

WOW – they got it – Jesus loves them just the way they are and it has changed their lives.

God can use anything or anyone for HIS purpose and The Chosen has a purpose of reaching people around the world.

The Chosen is different and done in a way that we have not seen before in other Christian movies about Jesus.

Look at the series Blue Bloods or the old series The West Wing which are television shows meant to entertain while showing what should be going on in real life, but sadly isn’t.

I say don’t just go by what I say, but experience The Chosen by watching it.

Get used to different! –


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