A Look at The Bourne Legacy


A Look Back at The Bourne Legacy

How many movies have you watched where the script is “foretelling” of a future event that nobody believes the event when it happens? Confused yet?  My wife and I sat down to watch The Bourne Legacy action movie with Jeremy Renner.

At one point in the movie the virologist played by Rachel Weisz is explaining to Aaron Cross (Jeremy) how scientists can “pack” a virus and inject it into a human to change their DNA so that they attain their superhuman strength (my words not hers). Remember this movie was released in 2012 way before the Chinese Virus hit the world stage.

It makes me wonder if this process was written about when the books were written and did someone in “virology land” decide to experiment to see if it really worked? And maybe even the bird flu and other viral outbreaks up until (and including) the present manifestations of these viruses are not in fact people reading books and trying to duplicate their hypotheses?

There have been lots of movies and television shows based on these types of characters yet we dismiss them as science fiction and now they have their own SIFI channel on cable television. What other surprises lurk in the future from old movies of the past? – RTM

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