A Conversation of the US Constitution and Immigration Laws


A Conversation of the US Constitution and Immigration Laws

I find it a bit ridiculous that we even have to talk about laws. No they are not made to be broken.

According to the US Constitution the Legislative Branch is the one who makes laws. The Judicial Branch is the one who determines whether or not a law is constitutional or not. The Executive Branch is the one to inforce federal laws.

Each individual state is set up on the same pattern for state laws.

So let’s imagine if federal law removed all red lights from traffic signals (traffic control devices) which would then be green in all directions. What do you suppose would happen? In short order there would be confusion and a massive amount of vehicle accidents everywhere. How would order be returned to the affected intersections?

What are some obvious options?

  1. Restore red lights to traffic signals.
  2. Remove traffic signals.
  3. Ignore the problem and blame drivers.

Who would be responsible for creating the problem?

What about consequences for injury and/or property damage caused by the problem?

This may be an over-simplification just to make my point, but isn’t that what we have done with US federal immigration laws? Think about it!

Migration into the US has been strictly controlled showing need to migrate, documented status of citizenship and ability to work within the US economy system to “pay own way”. Agents from Homeland Security monitor and process as well as enforce existing immigration laws to ensure criminal elements do not come into our country. Border security is vital to providing strict access points of entry where people, documents and baggage are thoroughly checked.

Should immigration laws be outdated, lacking or having a need to be changed it is the Legislative Branch’s responsibility to conduct an internal and comprehensive reform to update the law and it is the Judicial Branch’s responsibility to ensure it is constitutional, and it is the Executive Branch (Presidents) responsibility to sign the law and ensure the law is enforced through the Justice Department and agencies of Homeland Security.

What has been happening over the past 2 years is akin to removing red lights from select traffic control devices along the US/Mexico Border, while continuing to selectively enforce immigration laws at all other ports of entry into the US.

The Constitution gives the President authority to control immigration as he sees fit, however it does not give him the authority to break federal law. Nor does the Constitution give Congress (Legislative Branch) authority to ignore their responsibility to reform/change outdated federal immigration laws.

The current congressional leadership and the president have chosen to ignore public safety by opening the southern border allowing more than 4,000,000,000 undocumented, unvetted (unverified) migrants into our country, while providing them free housing, medical, food, education, phones and transportation into “hidden” communities across the country. I would argue that the incoming congressional leadership should take the appropriate steps for a Presidential Impeachment, and the Impeachment of elected officials, opening the door to civil prosecution of EVERY member of Congress, the President and Vice President (border czar) for dereliction of duty, circumventing federal law and/or Conspiracy to Commit Acts in Violation of National Security not because the House has the power of impeachment, but because the House has the sole power of impeachment.

If the House can impeach a president over a phone call and over false accusations, surely in your face, blatant acts against public safety and national security are impeachable offenses. – RTM

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