One Man Doing Something


One Man Doing Something

There is evil all around us in this big wide world we live in and I’m puzzled and a bit perplexed by the apathy and inaction of those with the power to make things right. I understand that in the world of politics everyone feels they alone are right and everyone who disagrees is wrong.

We all can’t be wrong can we?

Think about how many billions of people are alive on this planet and each one has a definite opinion about everything, even if some claim to have no opinion.

That in itself is an opinion.

What is it going to take for someone to stand by his convictions and call evil what it is? Or is it easier to fall back in order to be politically correct when faced with the truth?

There is but one truth and that is what God said.

I don’t claim to be perfect, nor do I have all the answers. In fact I don’t have any answers but to delve into the Bible which is Word of God. When you boil it down to the very basics we are told that God created everything by speaking it into existence. Our words are very important. Words tend to build up or tear down. Words come from our deepest thoughts and tell more about us than what we convey verbally. Might doesn’t make it right. Neither does logic that is based simply by the thoughts of man.

The craziness of what’s going on around us demands to be stopped before humanity self-destructs and that is precisely where my RTM blogs come in. When I see or hear about an injustice or blatant lie being perpetuated as truth I must weigh it against what God says to determine its truthfulness.

It’s not enough to say that politicians like lawyers lie when they speak because it is the nature of man at some point to lie, from those little white lies to colossal blunders. We tend to justify is as necessary to do the wrong thing for the right reasons.

So when you read my RTM blogs, consider the source, evaluate the content and make your own decision as to whether my writings make sense, are grounded in fact or are just the musings of a cranky old man. My intent is not to elicit a response or see how many “likes” I can get, it’s not important how many “reads” are gathered or who they are from. My blogs are to open up the thought process as I bring certain things to light. If what I write makes you take a second look or think, then I’ve made my point.

For myself I may comment when something really strikes a chord with my spirit, but normally I take in information and store it so that I may go back later and process that information. Rarely will I sit down and write out a lengthy response unless I feel it necessary to clarify a grave injustice or blatant lie. But then those responses quite often trigger another RTM blog. Don’t be surprised by what you read, I’m just one man doing something (good I hope). – RTM

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