On the FBI Arrest Over Leaked Classified Documents Case (updated)

The Pentagon is seen from the air in Washington, March 3, 2022.© Joshua Roberts/Reuters, FILE


On the FBI Arrest Over Leaked Classified Documents Case

(& A Closer Look)

Although I take national security very seriously what started off as a “Probable Cause Case” of a suspected Air National Guardsman leaking secret classified documents, has itself been a leak of information “by someone not authorized to discuss it” and would be laughable except for the fact that the person taken into custody has been named publicly.

This person has been called by the media as a “young, charismatic gun enthusiast” as a means of inferring that someone standing on the constitutional right to bear arms also is included. 

It is imperative that the investigation, takedown and arrest of suspects be kept out of the media until the facts are made known, charges have been made and after a trial has found the individual guilty beyond a shadow of doubt. Beings the individual is a member of a Massachusetts Air National Guard, possibly on active duty status (not made clear yet by leaked sources), subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice and accorded a military trial.

It is ludicrous that the comments being made publicly are from our government officials who have also become the subject of mishandling classified document allegations but do not make the headlines, or have news media leaking their information in the same manner as they have for this non-political private citizen. Leaking is leaking – no matter who does it so ABC, WP or other news outlet get out ahead of this and keep politics out of reporting the fully substantiated facts.

A Closer Look

The news media was quick to name Massachusetts Guardsman Jack Teixeira as the “suspect” and televise his takedown and arrest. So what were the top secret documents he leaked? Were they US military battleplans? Could it have been the secret location of “the bunker” under the White House? Maybe it could have been the entire list of secret US spies working at Wal-Mart?

It was more devious than any of those. It appears what he leaked were documents showing that enemies of the United States and the free world are secretly aligning into an Axis Superpac to further enable a nuclear capability of Iran. But that seems to be only the tip of the iceberg. The US Government leaders either don’t see what is happening or have deliberately refused from taking action to protect the nation or our allies.

To make a public spectacle out of him, denying his right to a speedy and fair trial of his peers. Rather than prosecute Airman Jack Teixeira, someone should give that man a medal. – RTM

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