Politicizing the 2nd Amendment


Politicizing the 2nd Amendment

Once again the media is reporting mass shootings of children, men and women of color at churches, malls and schools all across our nation. The trend is to incite fear into the hearts and minds of Americans who will gladly give up their second amendment rights to own and bear arms.

A secondary stab goes to holding gun manufacturers, legitimate sellers of arms and ammunition and even the National Rifle Association (NRA), conservative gun rights advocates, parents and basically everyone EXCEPT the shooter(s) responsible for these reprehensible actions of killing the innocent.

Members of Congress at state and federal level are urged to create new laws banning the sale of weapons and/or ammunition or at create a national database of legitimate purchases. President Biden (I use that title loosely) is urging more control over American’s with firearms.

Yet nobody in authority is the least bit concerned that violent offenders using guns and ammunition to kill others do not as a general rule abide by existing laws, or purchased their quantity of arms and supplies in stores.

When will local state and federal prosecutors stop beating around the bush and begin stringent enforcement of criminals violating existing laws while acting criminally with violence and death as a means of keeping Americans at bay?

Criminalizing American citizens who arm themselves for self-defense against demented individuals or gangs of criminals roaming our streets is not only UNCONSTITUTIONAL but a recipe for disaster and an invitation for CHAOS!

Absolutely nobody is concerned that the most basic law of Almighty God as spelled out in the 10 Commandments “Do not kill” is greater than any anti-gun legislation man can create.

It could be argued that murder is simply a form of extremely late term abortion which anti-gun fanatics as a rule are greatly in favor of.

More importantly when will American’s stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH already? Do not cast one vote for politicians who are against protecting their constituents and the general public from violence or in support of legalized abortion.

Actions have consequences!

If God said it, believe it! – RTM

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