Who Controls Your Power Grid?


Who Controls Your Power Grid?

There is an awful lot of pressure on Americans, through advertisements, to buy all sorts “smart” devices, like microwaves, telephones, computers and a host of power tools and eVehicles all guaranteed to make our lives easier, simpler while saving the planet from ourselves yet giving us more time for the important things in life. There are eRobots that will vacuum your house, mow your lawn, and in select environments deliver your food to your table and process your credit card.

Flashy cars and trucks that do everything except think for you and somebody’s working on that and it’s called Artificial Intelligence (AI), now isn’t that a real slap in the face of even the most dimwitted homo-sapien.

Artificial is used for describing a number of things – turf, insemination, milk, meats made out of plants, but intelligence? Nobody buys for a second that Military Intelligence is actually intelligent, unless of course you’ve been assigned to it, and then it’s questionable.

AI that learns from itself should be seen as a very scary thing. Remember that 0 X 100 still equals 0.

Self-driving cars, trucks, airplanes or any other mode of transportation sets the stage for mass casualties galore and I don’t want to be anywhere around it, especially as a passenger. If I’m waiting to get on an airplane and the pilot is R2D2 or in a bus with a driver who resembles a Cyborg or a smart watch – I’m hitting the exit and fast.

Did I tell you my little corner of the world was without power for 3 1/2 hours the first time this morning due to rain and trees being blown into power lines (and our lines are underground). We’ve had multiple power outages and who’s to say the real culprit is the guy in our neighborhood plugging his Tesla or other eVehicle in that causes our power grid to shut off?

I guess we won’t have more problems like these after everyone is pressured to voluntarily give up the family car and buy these eVehicles by a date determined by legislators in our state and National Assemblies, and nobody sees this coming?

So tell me one more thing. How is banning mining, production and development of fossil fuels going to make anything better? It will take us all back to the stone age where rock tires and foot power are our modes of transportation and we will be sitting in our darkened structures (until they deteriorate around us) while mom is cooking over a coal fire once again.

Don’t worry about having a phone, TV, microwave, most shoes, lots of clothes or certain foods or anything made of plastic or rubber because like it or not – their components are almost exclusively from fossil fuels.

Remember we’ll be back to the primitive state where it really will be “IN GOD WE TRUST” because man will continue to fail us EVERYTIME! – RTM

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