Here we are in 2023 and everyone knows or believes that Trumps a crook, Hillary’s a saint and Biden is the greatest president since…..well since Barack Obama.

If you believe that, you’ve bought into the biggest lie since the serpent conned Eve in the garden.

As I began reading the unedited, un-redacted and full Durham Report I heard that the media is calling it a “Nothing Burger”. I agree on one thing, linking Trump to Russia had no basis and was in fact nothing there.

The fact remains that so many “operatives” of the DNC, Clinton Foundation, DOJ, FBI and NSA-like agencies going all out to destroy the credibility and sully the name of then Candidate and later sitting President Donald J. Trump was and still is unbelievable.

One could hardly believe the talking “parrots” of the mainstream media, (fake news as Trump so accurately called it). Everyone and anyone who called themselves journalists, reporters, and anchors and up to organizational CEOs kept saying what they were told to say and “we the people” were supposed to believe it was true and really happened.

Saul (Alinsky) must have been rolling over in his grave – laughing hysterically!

It was like a never ending “April Fool’s Joke”.

To treat the president with utter distain and total disrespect said more about those who said and did it than the one individual of whom they spoke about – a total disconnect from reality. Really!

Hillary and her peeps were in total shock (again) when Trump beat her at the polls in 2016. It shouldn’t have been that much of a shock. Could she so soon forget that happened in 2008 when that senator from Illinois swooped in and took (stole is too strong a word) the DNC nomination right from under her nose and then went on to take the election using the same tactics that her party used on Trump in 2016?

That’s right.

Why do you think she was appointed Obama’s Secretary of State? Not for the good of the nation, just to keep her under his thumb (so to speak). She couldn’t very well blab about him when she was his representative at the State Department.

Democratic loyalty is a one-way street.

The machinery had been “greased” so to speak and it worked well in 2008, but not so well in 2016. In order for it not to be too obvious there had to be distractions, so blatant and in your face that 2020 would be a piece of cake, only Hillary no longer fit the bill. Her credibility and ego had taken a big hit and needed time to heal.

After the 2020 elections had cooled down why is it that Hillary wasn’t offered a job in the new administration? Saving her strength for a run in 2024 or a run at Biden during his administration? I saw something the other day where Hillary says Biden’s age is an issue…… WOW

Really, isn’t that like the pot calling the kettle black (pc = anti-white)?

Back to the Durham Report which seems to shout out the misconduct of a number of folks but not have been prosecuted for their wrong doings, not yet anyway.

Democrats keep calling Trump a threat to their democracy.

Yes that’s right, a threat to THEIR democracy.

And they are right.

Trump has consistently stood up for our Constitutional-Republic which is not a democracy.

Perception is everything.

Democrats are promoting the idea of changing our nation into a Constitutional-Democracy and people are cheering wildly thinking it’s got to be better than we have now. Well it is not. Remember the “cattle-car” trains in Germany taking the Jews to the gas chambers while the people cheered them on or stood by and did nothing at all?

The Constitution of the United States does not promote democracy, any way, shape or form.

The Constitution is about freedom.

Freedom to worship God,

Freedom of ideas,

Freedom to choose

In every democratic nation in the world individual freedom does not exist, only freedom to obey – or else.

Who would vote for a dogcatcher devoted to putting dogs down after being elected unless it was someone who didn’t like or have dogs?

We as a nation reap what we sow (it’s in the bible) when we continue to vote the way we have always voted, the way our fathers and forefathers have voted, because that’s the way we vote.

It’s time for a change. I mean a real change.

It’s time not to vote for those political dinosaurs in congress (state or federal) because they’ve always been there or any such nonsense. Look at their track record – what have they done for you personally? Vote for the politician who best thinks the way you do. Vote for the politician who holds the same religious views as you. Vote for the politician who values what God values – you!

It’s time to THINK AMERICA! – RTM

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