The Law of Intent to Commit

The Law of Intent to Commit

Some folks online were discussing common law marriage and a law that doesn’t care about just living together to consummate the relationship, but it depends on the intentions of both parties or do they tell others they’re married?

Now think about that for a moment, then apply that train of thought to just about anything you can think of.

It would effectively cancel out the presumption of innocent until proven guilty guaranteed by the Constitution.

One would automatically be guilty if you walked into a bank with the intent to rob, regardless of whether you committed the robbery or not.

You would automatically be liable if you went to Micky Dee’s intending to buy a Big Micky sandwich meal it regardless of whether you actually ordered or bought one.

Under this “law” 2 people of the same gender who are roommates would be declared to be “gay”, regardless of whether they were or not.

Take immigration, a person wold be considered a citizen if they intended to become one before entering the country (legally or not).

Now if someone intended on voting conservative they would be considered a card carrying Republican even if they voted Democrat (or vise versa).

All those celebrities who said they intended to leave if Trump became president would under this law be considered GONE! Wouldn’t that be nice? –


Selective Enforcement of the Law


Selective Enforcement of the Law

What is the purpose of law? Is it not to maintain orderly control for the safety and security of the people? Who is ultimately responsible to maintain the law? Is it not ‘We the People’? How many government agencies are dedicated to law enforcement? Do these agencies communicate effectively within the law enforcement community? The foundational document which forms the basis of the law of the land is the Constitution of the United States and the foundational document of each state is a state constitution. Among and within the Bill of Rights (first 10 Amendments) is the right to free speech, to own and bear arms, the freedom to worship God and the prohibition of quartering troops in our homes.

I don’t know why congress feels that existing government law enforcement agencies are unable or incapable of enforcing federal or state laws or why does they feel it is necessary to arm and hire 87,000 more IRS agents? What is their intended purpose in doing so unless it is to circumvent the constitutional rights of citizens? Why not simply use existing and available government assets by arming mail carriers who already come to our front doors? Would that not be too obvious or would they be afraid mostly tame pets might be harmed? –


The Pivotal Event


The Pivotal Event

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball that you never saw coming. In my life I’ve had quite a few. I was raised with my three younger brothers on the poor side of town (figuratively speaking) in Homedale, Idaho. Our home was an old chicken coup on a ditch bank not far from the city park.

I could be seen riding my 20” high bicycle to school most every day. When my brothers started school we most likely walked to school together. Our family centered on crews traveling the migrant fruit-picking circuit throughout the Treasure Valley Idaho area and beyond.  When not in school we worked alongside other families. We were paid by the bag, box or bucket. We worked hard, played even harder, but Saturday night was a big deal with a coke, a burger and fries at the Dew Drop Inn or a huge chocolate covered ice cream cone at the Frosty Palace.

We moved around a bit, but always stayed in the Homedale – Wilder area. We were in Wilder when dad hurt his leg and was transported to the Boise VA Hospital. Because it was a service connected injury the VA removed his left knee, fused his leg together and sent him through rehabilitation. It was then we sold the farm and moved into the city to be close to dad when they discharged him. He was a disabled veteran.

I went into middle and senior high schools in Boise and was introduced to the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) where I learned about air force style discipline, curtesy and the military. We moved after my junior year and I graduated with the Kuna High School class of 1967.

After graduation I moved out, got my own apartment, job and a car. Life was moving right along for me until I was introduced by a friend to Steve Jones. A few months later Steve came to me about joining the army as helicopter pilots no less and in September 1967 we were in basic training together at Fort Lewis, Washington.

I never made it to helicopter pilot training school, but signed up to be an army truck driver. After basic I went to the army truck driver training at Fort Ord, California where I learned about international road signs, hauling cargo, convoys and doing it under combat conditions because we were told Vietnam was in our immediate future.

Now you might think that the army was a pivotal point in my life and you’d be right. However when life throws a curve ball it’s not always what you’d expect, and being a farm boy from Idaho I had never heard of a place called Thailand, but that is where I was sent in 1968 and that proved to be the pivotal event in my life for a number of reasons.

The army was my first time away from home. In 1968 going overseas to Southeast Asia and into the Land of Smiles would change my life forever. I found myself with other guys my same age, doing the same job and most of us had no idea where we were or what we were doing there.

It wasn’t love at first sight but one local Thai girl captured my attention and I became focused on getting her to like me. It was easier to get her folks on my side, than it was her older brother, but eventually he too came around. It wasn’t until September 1969 that we were married in a civil ceremony in her village in Northeastern Thailand.

After doing the paperwork to bring her to America we settled for a time in Boise, Idaho. I worked various odd jobs and she began working at a leather factory until the birth of our daughter. By early 1972 we went back into the military and once again I was at Fort Lewis, Washington, only this time with a family.

I spent the next 27 years trying to get stationed back in Thailand, but ended up taking my family to Panama where our second daughter was born, and back to America where we moved around to different military bases before going overseas again, only this time to Germany. After Germany we came back to Fort Carson, Colorado and made plans to retire from the army.

Instead of quietly retiring I received orders to go alone to Japan for 2 years. This meant leaving my family in Colorado.

In 1990 after returning from Japan I retired from the army. My eldest had finished school, the youngest was almost ready to graduate and my wife was operating her own beauty salon. We surrounded ourselves with retirees who were married to Thai women and we had kids all in the same age group. Our life revolved around Thailand for obvious reasons. Our wives traveled yearly to Thailand to visit with family and on occasion I managed to go back as well.

Every trip I made back to Thailand was a time for me to go out to our old camp to walk around and take pictures. Year after year the old camp footprint grew smaller and smaller until it virtually disappeared.

Over the past 20 + years I have created and been actively involved with Thailand Veteran’s groups online with a focus on education, reuniting old friends and making new ones. Now as it has been since leaving Thailand in 1970 my focus continues back to those good old days when I was just a kid in the army in Thailand.

My children and grand-children have been to Thailand and look forward to going back again soon. –


TPMS A Not So Simple Fix


TPMS A Not so Simple Fix

The day began as I started my vehicle and that annoying flashing yellow light indicated I had low air pressure in my tire, but which one? Surely someone could make it show which one is low?

Anyway I backed out of the driveway and headed to the nearest tire place so they could check each tire and fill as needed. The technician who serviced my vehicle said none of the tires were low. He went back inside and came out with this handheld device slightly bigger than an iPad and went around to check each tire. He said the TPMS device in two tires was not sending out a signal and it was probably the batteries which last approximately 10 years (my vehicle is 15 years old).

I went to the parts department of my local dealership and found the TPMS unit was $110 each and then there was installation. From the looks on the faces of the customers sitting in the waiting room I didn’t want to be there, at least not all day, and I had no idea what the installation costs would be. I spoke to a service representative who said I could place black electrical tape over the light (Not kosher coming from a dealership).

Not knowing what I was going to do I ended up stopping at a tire place and asked if they did TPMS replacements? The service guy said yes and they could get me in right away (it was almost 9 am) at a cost of $90 per tire installed. I gave him the go ahead and even told him the two defective units and waited for them to finish.

I even got a Krispy Cream donut and a cup of coffee for FREE! WOW!

I watched as they pulled my vehicle outside, ready to go. Then the manager went out with his handheld device to make sure everything was okay – it wasn’t!

He said after changing 2 units there was still 1 TPMS unit not working. He recommended changing out the other 2 units and I agreed.

Back inside there were on more donuts, but coffee was still free.

I watched as they finished up, or so I thought. The manager came to me and said that there was also one unit inside the spare tire and it wasn’t working either. So I told him to change that one as well.

I began watching as the mechanics went over my vehicle with a fine tooth comb looking for something. They checked under the back seat, every compartment and were unable to find what they were looking for. Here comes the manager again. He informed me they couldn’t find the unique spare tire jack handle that was needed to lower the spare from under the bed (yup I had a pickup). I went out there and checked myself and sure enough this bag with this unique handle was definitely not there.

I said I’d order one from Amazon and have it in a day or two, then I’d come back in and they could change out the spare tire unit.

Now I’m waiting on Amazon, and the package arrives 2 days later. I open it and yes it’s all there.

The next morning I’m back at the tire place at 8 am. I tell them what I’m there for and they get to work. Then they tell me to drive it around and it should reset itself so the light goes off. So I do some driving around town, have lunch with some friends and almost go to the North Pole (there is one over by the entrance to Pikes Peak).

The light is still on so back to the tire place I go. This time the manager is there and I explain that all 5 units have been changed and I’ve driven around but the yellow TPMS light is still on. He brings that handheld device and the connector cable to the vehicle. He checks each tire (including the spare), plugs in the unit and then has to go outside and check each tire unit again (including the spare) before it resets and the yellow light goes out.

According to the service manager at the dealership I could have saved a lot of money, time and stress by using a strip of black electrical tape & at least I wasn’t sitting in the dealership waiting area all day…..! –


Poly Tics Fur Dumez


Poly Tics Fur Dumez

I know it’s a cheesy title but hey it reeled you in didn’t it? There is so much going on behind the scenes in American politics that we often glaze over or completely ignore it, much to our own detriment. We sent friends, neighbors and all too often strangers to be our voice in state or federal legislatures. Now honestly would you want someone to be a dog catcher who couldn’t even catch a cold? No, you want that person to demonstrate their capabilities BEFORE running for public office.

This past summer I had the privilege of speaking with a couple of political hopefuls who were well spoken and well informed. I was even invited to their weekly strategy meetings. I probably would have voted for them on the spot as one was a veteran but bent on unseating a political candidate that I support. As they wrapped up our brief discussion they made it plain that they were running for office on the Democratic Party platform.

To me that sealed the deal, I will never vote for a candidate who runs as a Democrat.

Democrats say they’re for the working man and that they have our backs and even smile as they plunge the dagger straight into our heart all the while telling us it’s for our own good.

You think I’m kidding? Well I’m not.

Throughout the history of our nation, and particularly during the Civil War and immediately after what was the biggest threat to Americans? It was the Democratic Party “hit squads” wearing white sheets provoking fear over the poorest of our nation – minorities and their supporters by placing burning Crosses on lawns, in yards and conducting murder and/or public lynching to keep them in their place.

Democrats have fought against the right to vote for minorities and for women.

Democrats have fought hardest against those rights.

Democrats fought against ending segregation.

Democrats fight for women’s right to choose ending the life of their babies through abortion.

Democrats fight for ending the right to bear and keep arms.

Democrats fight to enact and extend COVID lockdown measures, mandate isolation, masking and requiring vaccination against a virus which is less deadly than the common cold or flu.

Democrats fight for open borders and illegal migration at the threat to the health, safety and welfare of American citizens.

Democrats control the Legislative and Executive Branches of government and have fought to pack the Supreme Court in order to control the Judicial Branch.

Democrats control the narrative of both the mainstream and social media.

Without a doubt it is the Democratic Party is using fear and intimidation tactics that have worked so well in places like Chicago, Seattle, New York and almost every other city with a large urban population, as it has worked to destroy socialist countries around the world. The Democratic Party has introduced and implemented wokeism and critical race theory into our society from public education to our military forces.

The Democratic Party that is the single most threat to our nation’s National Security. –


Sheep and Goats


Do you know the difference between sheep, goats and politicians?

When God created sheep they began following their master unceremoniously but goats, that’s another thing altogether. Goats butt heads over nothing, just because they can.

Politicians on the other hand are confused to say the least. Their entire term is spent learning the ropes on how to be a good Democrat / Republican. They often did-remember why they were elected in the first place.

The two main political parties in American politics were badly named from the start. Or were they?

Democrats are hard headed, stubborn people who think they are God’s gift to America. They get an idea in their heads, convince themselves and others they are right – the only ones who can be right. Maybe the mule is a closer fit as a mascot than say a goat? Power hungry Democrats think they ARE God.

Republicans are learned people who understand the constitutional application of the bill of rights, but many times lack the intestinal fortitude necessary to persevere over the opposition. Republicans WISH they were God so they could zap those pesky Democrats into oblivion.

Voters wish both sides would simply GROW UP and act like Americans!

We spend way too much time fighting each other and the real enemy wants both sides to do each other in so they can pick up the spoils of war.

Too bad we can’t just boot them all out and start over, or can we? –


Going Off Half Cocked


Going Off Half Cocked

Is it human nature when listening to someone speak to think ahead of what they’re saying? I mean we do it all the time when we hear the first word or phrase and tend to chime in finishing the sentence for them. The danger in that is we most often get it wrong and show that we weren’t listening in the first place.

Back in the olden days we’d call that “Jumping The Gun” like an athlete on the track, READY – SET – and then taking off before the starting pistol has fired and that can get you disqualified. It’s not the way to win a race.

When hunters are out in the woods, field or mountains as they approach their game the first instinct is to pull back the hammer until it clicks. Without hearing that click it’s easy for the gun to go off – BANG scaring off the intended target. That’s called “Going Off Half-Cocked”.

We do that too when we hear or read a report that angers us, but we fail to validate the accuracy of that report and we do something else, we “Fly Off The Handle”. Yep you read that right, it’s we’re the fly and someone is trying to drive us off the handle of that skillet on the stove.

In each case we respond almost without thinking to a word, phrase or mental picture that “Triggers” our emotions. What we must do is to consciously ask ourselves is that really true or simply hearsay?

Maybe we should use these processes when dealing with politicians because we know that most often whenever they open their mouth – they are already disqualified.

It is legendary that our government makes a great many commitments which can never be equally enforced across the board. The Indians learned the hard way that “White man speaks with forked tongue” when they signed a peace treaty that will last as long as the river flows or as high as the mountains.

We got a taste of that all too recently “you can keep your doctor”, “give up your guns and the criminals will give their guns up too”, “2 weeks to stop the spread”, or “you can’t get the virus after you’ve gotten the shot”.

All double speak for “I’m from the government, trust me”!

I think Americans are smarter than that.

The strength of a nation depends upon the strength of its people, not to blindly allow the government free reign in their lives, but to know when the lines of civil rights, public safety and security have been breached, as well as how to stand up to defend them.

We all have an opinion on everything. So if you think you don’t have an opinion wait until you are told to sacrifice your children to the god of public safety.

Will it then hit home for you or will it be too late? –


First Comes Love photo


What happened to that old nursery rhyme?

First comes love

Then comes marriage

Then comes [mommy]

With a baby carriage

Today many have replaced love with lust, skipped marriage and replaced the carriage with a 4 in 1 car seat convertible stroller.

After all as I was told “we got to learn to take care of a baby before we worry about marriage”.

In my book it’s about priorities. The first is love with respect and commitment to each other as a real family.

God created the first family unit with Adam and Eve, not Adam & Steve!

The real family unit should place God first then the others ahead of self and learn together how to raise up the children in the admonition of the Lord.

The way of the world says love self, take from others and you’re okay, I’m okay but don’t mess with what I want to do.

Shacking up isn’t hard to do and requires no commitment whatsoever. When things get rough the tough get going leaving kids to raise themselves without the love and support of a mom and a dad.

Any man can father a child but it takes a real man to be the dad who role models and teaches his kids to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. –


Boonie Biking in 1960s Thailand

Don Way and Joe Wilson – Khon Kaen, Thailand in 1969


Boonie Biking in 1960s Thailand

This is a story I’ve told many times, but it’s worth repeating. In 1969 while stationed in Thailand and shortly after I got married to my lovely wife of almost 53 years I bought a blue Honda 125cc motorcycle from a sergeant in my platoon.

Over the course of the next 10 months I experienced a series of adventures/misadventures while riding in the Northeastern portion called Issan and around Sattahip.

Many of my rides were with Don on his 175cc Honda and Everett on his 90cc Honda.

I remember doing some crazy “don’t try this at home” stuff like riding in a local cemetery and no we didn’t go around knocking things over or tearing up the grounds, but riding there was probably not the best place to ride.

Another place was at the local Royal Thai Army firing range where we’d start at the firing positions and race to the top of the first mound of dirt where we’d stop on top before heading off to the next mount. It was on one of these days I simply forgot to stop on top of the mound and became airborne. I was scared spitless as the front tire landed slightly ahead of the rear tire. I brought the bike to a stop and had to wait while my nerves settled down and vowed never to do that again.

We’d often head out of town and follow the dirt paths that lead to some of the rice farms, where we’d ride atop the dikes separating the rice paddies. We’d often change directions and stop when we ran out of rice paddies.

As we sat there discussing where we’d just been, kids would come along offering us Pepsi’s with a straw in a bag of ice for the equivalent of 7 ½ cents. The bag was secured by a rubber band which we’d hang over and let it dangle from the mirror or we’d finish drinking it before proceeding on to a new adventure.

One ride was just Don and I riding on top of the dikes. I was in the lead and had just crossed a place where the water had pooled up as it moved from one rice paddy to another. All of a sudden I heard Don as he crossed the spot I had just covered, but then I heard a strange sound like “blub, blub, blub” I stopped and looked behind me and there was Don and his bike submerged to the handlebars and his bike was still running……for a few moments and then there was silence. I quickly ran back to help Don pull his motorcycle out of the water and onto the dike. He pulled some tools out of his tool bag and loosened the exhaust pipes, cranked the engine a couple of times to clear out any water that might remain, secure the pipes and after checking the plugs, started it and let it run until it idled smoothly again. We then continued our ride.

There were times we both took our wife along and did our figure eights and generally had a good time riding together.

Then there was the time that Don’s wife was admitted to the Air Force hospital at Udorn Royal Thai Air Force Base for appendicitis. Don went to see her after the operation, but hit a water buffalo that had crossed the road directly into his path. The water buffalo died on impact and Don suffered two broken collarbones and found himself in a hospital bed in the same room as his wife.

When we were returning home after visiting them my bike had a flat tire, at 50 MPH as I was passing a gasoline truck. As I laid the bike down at the edge of the pavement my wife slid off smoothly, while I and the bike went down into the ditch. I got up to check on my wife and survey the damage a Thai Police Officer riding as a guard in the gasoline truck, came running down to see if I was okay and help me push the bike back onto the roadway. It was then we saw the valve stem had been torn off the tube. Soon a songtale (small bus) came along and we loaded the bike and ourselves into the back. The nearest village had a tire shop facing the highway. The bus stopped and we unloaded the bike and pushed it over to the tire shop. At first he said he didn’t have any parts for a motorcycle tire, but ended up fusing a new valve stem to the tube, airing up the tire and we were back on our way home, after suffering a bit of road rash.

In early 1970 I was transferred to another unit south of Bangkok and when it came time to leave Issan we climbed onto our motorcycle and rode over 300 miles south and through the mountains south of Korat to the port town of Sattahip. I was an all-day ride and we got to the hotel we were ready for a long night’s sleep.

I made a couple of changes to the bike in Sattahip. First I changed exhaust pipes by fitting a Mercedes Benz tailpipe with baffles that gave it that throaty kind of groveling sound and later I changed the rear sprocket. The gear ratio was such that you couldn’t get into high gear without the engine bogging down, but 4th gear would bring the engine speed up to the red line on RPMs. It was a good selling point when I got ready to come back to the states and needed to sell it fast.

I miss riding in Thailand as it was back then, but today the traffic is a lot heavier and drivers seem to be crazier than ever before. Small motorbikes of 90cc are a way of life to many Thais today, but are a constant source of accidents, tragedy and loss of life. I’ll stick to motorized vehicles where you have a bit of steel protecting you. –


The J6 Feeding Frenzy


The J6 Feeding Frenzy

Where are the dissenting voices of reason? Have they already thrown in the towel? Maybe they’re just too afraid to stand up and be heard?

I’m not a legal beagle, a lawyer or a judge as are many elected officials in congress but I know that the Constitution of the United States of America very distinctly provided for the separation of powers between the Legislative, Executive and the Judicial Branches of government specifically for such a time as this.

Are they so set on pinning wrong-doing on President Trump that the unconstitutional J6 Committee’s actions to prove their case in spite of their lack of a smoking gun?

Keep in mind when a legislative committee conducts its self as an arm of the Executive Branch to entrap the former president it has shown its true colors.

Out of the hours, days and weeks of wasted tax dollars and misappropriation of elected officials and their staffs what have they accomplished thus far?

Nothing other than demonstrate how little they know about our Constitution or their proper role in government.

The J6 Committee is not a court of law, yet they make it a point of trying President Trump in the court of public opinion.

Show me first of all what section in the Constitution gives them any judicial power – it does not!

What “evidence” have they uncovered that validates their bodies existence? Show me what Amendment gives them any credence?

They have gone after President Trump solely to prevent him from running for office again by citing the 14th Amendment.

Where are the legal experts among this body of Congress who will stand up and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH already?

Are they so brazen to think WE THE PEOPLE are clueless to what’s going on?

President Trump had it right when he said they don’t want me, they want you but I’m standing in the way.

It’s time AMERICA to stand up to the progressive Democratic Party mob and vote every last one of them (and those weak-kneed Republicans who follow them like puppies) out of office.

In case you thought this was about Trump? Sorry but it wasn’t. In fact it’s about congressional malfeasance (again), an indictment against upstanding legal professionals and constitutionalists who haven’t the guts to stand up to the mob in congress. Nothing more, nothing less.-