Jesus is the Reason


Without Jesus, Christmas would be just another day.

When you read the Christmas story in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John you will see they focus on different aspects of the birth of Jesus, yet they all tell the wonderful story of God’s love for mankind when he sent his only begotten son Jesus, who was and is and always will be. Jesus is God, in the flesh born into a sinful world, lived a sinless life and died a despicable death on the cross for our sins.

That was his purpose on earth, not to condemn but to provide a ransom for our sins.

Let us look at where he was born, a manger in Bethlehem at a time no one expected, in a place no one would take notice, yet kings came bringing precious gifts and bowed down recognizing his majesty. Think of that, kings bowed down to him, while one king sought to kill him out of what, jealousy?

Jesus would go on to live a life without sin, showing by example that it was possible, only by being totally committed and submitted to the will of God the Father. Jesus constantly told his disciples that he only did what he say his Father in Heaven do.

Jesus would be falsely accused, even to death on the cross without seeking to defend himself. And why would the creator God need to justify himself to his creation. (If you built a sand castle and knocked into it with your foot feel the need to justify why you bumped into it? Would you agonize over it?) No!

Jesus endured unspeakable humiliation, pain and scorn so that you and I could be made clean from our sin and able to stand before a Holy God. He didn’t have to, but he did and did it willingly.

The bible tells us that if we believe Jesus is the Son of God, who lived and died for our sins; and if we ask for God to forgive us in the name of Jesus; we have eternal life. (Lookup John 3:16-17)

This Christmas season wouldn’t it be great to receive the greatest gift of all, from the God who created the universe?

Jesus is the Reason for this Season we call Christmas! – The Real Truckmaster

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