Main Stream Media Fueling Allegations

al franken

There still seems to be a lot of media bias concerning President Donald Trump and Judge Roy Moore versus the Democratic “Sexually Active Abusers” who are abandoning their posts left and right, well left and left anyway.

What I heard this morning was the author of a recent article, who basically said the Democrats are predominately women who don’t sexually abuse and are cleaning up the party of guys who do, not like President Trump and Roy Moore who are given a pass by the Republican party because of who they are (more or less what she was implying).

Well I, for one have had enough.

Not all sexual abusers are Sexual Predators, but all Sexual Predators ARE Sexual Abusers; Sexual Abusers and Sexual Predators need to be tried and convicted in a court of law, not the court of public opinion.

Sexual Predators often stalk women or men in order to dominate and control their prey, exercising Absolute Sexual Power.

Remember the saying Absolute Power corrupts absolutely. It is no different for Sexual Predators.

The spin being done by the MSM – Fake News networks is trying to take the air out of the sail of President Trump by equating him to a sexual predator. Not true.

There is no person walking around on the face of the earth that is or ever has been perfect (except Jesus). When some unscrupulous individual “leaked” the video of the “grabbing” video, the media was all over it. There were no allegations, just reactions by a bunch of Hollywood elites who act as if they had never heard that kind of talk before. That was what it was, talk or “locker room talk” as the president put it.

President Trump did not deny saying it, but admitted that he said it and was sorry for saying it. That should have been the end of the story, but not so, the Hollywood elites decided to make a public spectacle by demonstrating “outrage” and quite frankly embarrassing behavior, to say the least.

Why were they not vocalizing Harvey Weinstein? Al Franken? Or vocalizing about any of the other Sexual Predators in Congress? Where was their “outrage” then? Where are the demonstrations and voter “outrage” over putting these people in office in the first place?

As for Judge Roy Moore’s accusers, there were what, 9 women who recited the “same” story about him? Were they all from 39 years ago? Claiming that everyone knew about him back then when he was in the district attorney’s office?

If true, how in the world did Roy Moore ever get elected or appointed as a Judge? Why was he not prosecuted in a court of law by any of his accusers? Have these women all recanted their stories because of their embellishments or did they just realize they made a huge mistake? For the most part these women were either paid or unpaid liars. Maybe that’s why there were no charges presented by anyone for prosecution? Maybe there were no charges because there was no Sexual Abuse? Roy Moore adamantly denies all of these as false allegations and politically motivated.

It is now up to the voters to decide what is true or just conjecture and outright falsehoods.

Unless an allegation is based on factual evidence of substance no prosecutor will impanel a grand jury, or bring a case to trial before a judge and jury (watch Law and Order). However when warranted, charges should be filed and violator or the false accuser should be brought to justice.

In the cases of the Democrats in Congress who are stepping down because they don’t want to go thru a congressional investigation or hearing, not because they are innocent, but have admitted they did it! Their stepping down has nothing to do with the Democratic Party women leaders or co-legislators cleaning out the closet, so to speak.

Fueled by the media that when allegations surface have been too quick to jump to conclusions without journalistic investigation and even slower to admit mistakes in reporting.

I think there is an alternative hidden agenda lurking somewhere just below the surface? – I am the Real Truckmaster

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