Be Careful What You Ask For

Calex 2017


My heart goes out to all the people of Southern California who are affected by the fires. I pray that everyone moves quickly out of the danger areas and into safety. I do have one nagging question.


What about the so called “sanctuary state” signed into law by Gov. Brown? I know the people of California are not stupid, but it appears the state legislators have left common sense at the seat of government, once they arrive at Sacramento?


If I was president and wanted to flex my political muscles, I would simply deny all aid and assistance to the California governmental leaders and let them figure out how to press their first responders into service without federal aid, until this “sanctuary state” status is revoked.


In fact I would like to see all the celebrities who play first responders on the movies and TV, let them go to work in their “roles” only in real life and get in there and “save” California, especially the ones so vocal on disrespecting the president and his supporters.


As president I would have ordered ALL federal agencies out of the state of California within 30 days of that proclamation being signed into law by the governor. That would include military facilities, postal facilities, DEA, FBI, Federal Judges, everything and everyone gone. Void all leasing contracts on lands, buildings and leaving everything up for grabs (maybe Disney could expand to several former military bases).


I know it seems ridiculous doesn’t it? Well so does becoming a sanctuary city or state, it’s ridiculous.


I hope the people of California understand that our president doesn’t think or act the way their politicians have acted. In fact I suspect that federal resources were deployed BEFORE being officially asked by Governor Brown.


I don’t know that California has had a governor worth his salt since Ronald Reagan?


With elections coming up I would hope that the people of California would remove ALL the “California Swamp Attractions” and replace them with real people, people who will place the “Public” back in Public Service.


Contrary to what is blaring out of TV sets across America, President Donald J. Trump is not just another politician.


He is in fact the first “Un-Politician” we’ve had for president in a long, long time.


So instead of lambasting Donald Trump because you are acting on misinformation from the FN MSM, take a look at what’s happening when a president puts America First into practice.


Look at the economy, jobs, immigration, world attention, and many other things that are positively happening to “Make America Great Again”. It’s time to make politics as usual a thing of the past. Be careful what you ask for.


Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Politics = power with absolute power the end game. – I am The Real Truckmaster

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