Blinded Eyes Fail to See



Let us take a look back after the election of 2008 and see if there is in fact any thing new under the sun?


With the campaign over and the new president in office I wonder how different things will be in America and in the world. Running on a campaign of change, with echoes of Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy I trust that he will do the right things for the right reasons and go further than either of these two previous role model presidents.

Americans want to identify with President Barack Obama and see this country change, change for the better. The economy is at its all time low, the lowest since the great depression.  Wall Street has been shook at the core. The government bailout of huge financial institutions, as well as many other corporations who hope to get on the gravy train, are yet to be funded. In fact, where will this funding come from? Who is holding the proverbial bag? The amount is so vast that many Americans simply ignore it hoping it will simply go away.

Congress is pressing the new president to make those funds available, when some of those same congressmen are the totally responsible for the financial crisis we are in. When will Americans wake up and demand an accounting from them?

The war in Iraq is seen as a mistake, yet many Americans do not realize that we are on the verge of the greatest trials to befall America. Trials that will make the twin towers barely a memory. It’s obvious that the terrorists will test this new president. It will be a test of America. War is not the answer, yet failing to prepare for war is not an option. War in it’s self is a two edged sword, it feeds the industrial complex, while depleting the very lives it is trying to save.

The American media coverage of the election was decisively stacked against the incumbent president. It was responsible for the perception that the democratic candidate would be so much better. I believe that several factors were responsible for the republican loss. Over confidence, underestimating the fact that America would do just about anything to put a democrat in the White House.

When the democratic victory came, many Americans could not handle it. It is a testimony to our culture, and the overwhelming desire to get God out of America that brought out the worst in America. When a people who do not respect themselves, publically display outrageous disrespect for the outgoing president, they shame us all.

Now let’s talk about change in America.

Change for change sake is not change. Unless something is broke, don’t fix it. When you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem. These sayings should cause people to stop and take a second look at what needs to be changed, really!

Granted, America needs a better way to handle health care, but don’t go down the same path as Canada or France. We have the expertise right here in America with new ideas that can overhaul our current system and become an example for other nations to follow.

America needs to overhaul our social security system so that our children and our grandchildren, and their grandchildren will not be left out. No grandchild left behind!

The American political system needs serious reform. Since when has being a “public servant” ceased to exist? When we send our representative to state or national service, it should be for the good of the people in that legislative district. The longer one is in political office, the more power is given and as another saying goes, “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely”.  The Bible calls “The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil”. We see that is true even today.

Gone are the days of “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”. Today it’s “Give Me, Give Me, and Give Me”. When are we as a people going to wake up?  Go back and read the fairy tale of “The Pied Piper”. They wanted change too.

Do we really want the government into our daily lives? Do we want someone coming around and telling us that because we have 2 cars, we must give one to someone who has chosen not to work, but to live off government subsistence? Do we want government to tell us what we can watch on TV? Or limit us on how many of ANYTHING we can have? Next it could be how many children we can have, before the government steps in to force abortions.

We really don’t know how far this could go. All we have to do is to look around at other countries who have tried Communism, Marxism or dictatorial styles of government. Read in recent newspaper articles about the wave of genocide in the Congo. Families and soldiers are running for their lives to get away from the rebel forces making changes. – I am the Real Truckmaster

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