Rewriting the book of Can’t



If it wasn’t so true it would be funny, but prominent people “in the know” seem to think that telling President Donald J. Trump he can’t do something is going to make him change his mind, but it just makes him that much more determined to push on thru.


Before he decided to run for president, the name Trump was well known in New York City, Atlantic City and all the way down to Florida for his real estate deals. There were some that fell through and cost him a tremendous amount of money, but that didn’t stop him. He just found another way and his philosophy seemed to be never give up.


As President, Trump is a wild card and that scares those people “in the know”. He is brash, outspoken and at times very unconventional. He is the quaint essential anti-politician. He is an author having written several books (which I’ve never gotten to read), but he is rewriting the book of politics, the book of “You Can’t Do That”!


While other presidents have used various media to get their messages out, Trump has grasped social media in a way that others could not. Roosevelt used the radio for his fire side chats talking friend to friend. Reagan used television a media that he knew. Obama used late night talk shows and thought of himself a star. Trump uses Twitter and everyone in the media or on the left has a fit. When technology changes, so must we. That is exactly what Trump has done.


When Donald Trump speaks what’s on his mind, it’s not a casual off the cuff remark, but after giving it much thought and telling it like it is. Because it’s spontaneous and unpredictable it may come across as crude or “not presidential”, but the media is all over it like flies on……….honey.


So why is it that prominent world leaders know exactly what Trump means, yet so many (or so few liberal) Americans can grasp it?


I find it refreshing that a successful businessman can do what he does best – look at government like a business, bring in fresh, experienced and highly successful businessmen and women to evaluate the situation and bring about much needed changes. These are not changes for change sake, no but changes that are much like a clock maker, fine tuning a Swiss watch. Changes aimed at bringing back American pride; pride in manufacturing; pride in working toward the American dream. Having pride in the accomplishments of the people who make up the American workers, through hard work, dedication to service and helping others is something to be sought.


Being so proud of yourself that you resent what you don’t have and the only outlet is to lash out at symbols of freedom and use all your energy to tear down anything that you feel is “oppressive” or representative of something evil in the past. How oppressive is that?


Turn your energies into something positive. Our government has become so huge it’s like a machine that gobbles up people and spews out rules, regulations and laws aimed at enslaving society as a whole and having gone unchecked for so long it is time for someone to say “check mate”, “Stop”, “There has to be a better way”.


President Donald J. Trump is not the savior of America or of the world. Unlike his predecessor who sought the office of President for various reasons and said all the good things they would do once elected, but things didn’t really change or make things better. Trump knows the savior of the world, Jesus who is the Christ, and when following the leading of the Holy Spirit of God things will get better for America AND for the world.


It has been a long time since one man has been so determined to bring about real change in government without a hidden agenda. The Trump agenda has been from the start to “Drain the Swamp”, although it began as a campaign slogan, the rumbling we hear coming out of Washington is the sound of the swamp creatures who are afraid of being drained as their power is taken away.


I don’t see that Donald Trump came to office for power or prestige, he had all that. Nor did he take on the job of president for money, he had more than enough. He didn’t do it so he could fly around in Air Force One, not when he had Trump One with golden faucets and all the elegance of HIS own choosing.


President Trump didn’t seek power so he could be ridiculed over every word he said, his employees were totally committed to making sure he was happy and satisfied on everything he saw, felt or touched. As far as worldly riches, Trump had it all.


What a far cry for the man who had everything money, power, prestige, a family whom he loves and loves him, why would he take on the job of president? Because deep down inside like many of us, we tend to see something wrong and think to ourselves “Somebody out to do something!” and we forget that we are somebody and we can do something.


Donald Trump said I WILL do something. I will run for president and I will win. Everybody laughed at him.


They said it couldn’t be done. Even a community organizer who had never held a real job in his life said “He will never be president” and everybody laughed.


If I know one thing about Donald J. Trump (whom I’ve never met), when you tell him it can’t be done, he will prove you wrong. I don’t know of anything that Trump has ever done in his life that he has not done to win. Failure is not an option with Donald Trump.


Quitting is for losers and Trump is not a loser.


President Donald J. Trump is for America winning again on the world stage. Yes Trump is an actor and he doesn’t put himself into a situation or “reality show” where he plans to lose.


Love him or hate him, Trump is for you – winning again.


Trump is President of the United States of America and as it should that means America First – secure our borders (build that wall); rebuild our military (prepare for war, live in peace); Talk Straight (say what your mean) and Mean What You Say; hold your loved ones close and your enemies closer.


Stay focused – keep the goal in sight and above all “Run the race to win”.

In everything you do, do as unto the Lord. Do it to please God above, not man below.

If you live to please man you aren’t living at all. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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