Nothing New Under the Sun

2 year old cowboy salutes the flag


I’ve been going back over articles, notes and political ranting of the past 9 years and have come to the realization that there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to politics. What we had during the 2008 primary was Senator Clinton and Senator Obama vying for the Democratic Party votes and for the office of the Presidency was repeated during the 2016 primary as Secretary Hillary Clinton and Real Estate Tycoon Donald Trump sought the American voters in the quest for the Presidency.

There was a struggling economy, high taxes, homelessness, a failed healthcare system and illegal immigration was a huge problem. Remember the Freddy Mack and Fannie Mae fiasco? What about communities trying to eliminate homeless camps? Lots of folks were without healthcare? Illegals were flooding across the border?

What were the promises made by politicians back then and what proposed solutions were given in the form of campaign promises? In the first 11 months of the presidency of Donald J. Trump what has changed – The economy; taxes; homelessness; Obamacare or Trumpcare; immigration?

I venture to say that where there was despair, there is hope; where there was no confidence in our government; there is more confidence;

There has been a concerted effort by those aligned with the ideology of Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama and fueled by main stream media to bring despair and division to the American people.

That being said there has been a more concerted effort by those aligned with the ideology of President Donald Trump to bridge that division and to Make America Great Again; to bring pride back into America.

I can say that Americans are proud, hard workers who simply want to be treated fairly, taxed modestly and able to raise their families in safety, and to live the American dream. That is what has changed in just the last 11 months. – I am the Real Truckmaster

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