The Uniting of America




The Uniting of America


Across the nation we are witnessing rioting, looting and deliberate murders in the name of “protest” and from the very start it appeared to be organized. The spark in Minneapolis could very well have been a setup using an unsuspecting George Floyd as bait.


In a press release, cops described the fatal encounter as a ‘medical incident.’


On Monday evening, shortly after 8:00 pm, officers from the Minneapolis Police Department responded to the 3700 block of Chicago Avenue South on a report of a forgery in progress. Officers were advised that the suspect was sitting on top of a blue car and appeared to be under the influence.

Two officers arrived and located the suspect, a male believed to be in his 40s, in his car. He was ordered to step from his car. After he got out, he physically resisted officers. Officers were able to get the suspect into handcuffs and noted he appeared to be suffering medical distress. Officers called for an ambulance.


It is during this period that cellphone video showed bystanders pleaded on deaf ears for officers to get the handcuffed man off the ground. They pleaded with the officer to get his knee off the man’s neck as George Floyd was on the ground handcuffed saying he couldn’t breathe and as officer Derek Chauvin kneeled with his knee on Floyd’s neck. Floyd went limp before paramedics arrived and it is clear there was no attempt to render medical assistance by either of the two officers. Paramedics appeared to check for a pulse and moved calmly to load Floyd seemingly lifeless body, still handcuffed hands behind his back, onto a gurney and into the ambulance.


He was transported to Hennepin County Medical Center by ambulance where he died a short time later.

At no time were weapons of any type used by anyone involved in this incident.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has been called in to investigate this incident at the request of the Minneapolis Police Department.

No officers were injured in the incident.

Body worn cameras were on and activated during this incident.


What is clear is that a crime had been committed resulting in the death of George Floyd and could very easily have been prevented had officers responded differently. Derek Chauvin was subsequently fired from the MPD and has been charged with 3rd degree Manslaughter yet we may never know the full circumstances until body camera video is examined and released publicly or to a jury at trial.


The collateral damage resulting in this gross miscarriage of justice set off a powder keg of organized protests, rioting and looting and more innocent deaths across the country from the West coast to the East coast and even to the White House in Washington, DC.


There are multiple displays of unity as Americans have taken up arms to protect the life and property of others in the face of unruly mobs. Sadly lone Americans defending their property have suffered catastrophic injury and even death. Americans have come together as one in the face of adversity many times over the past 240 years and today is no different.

It is ironic that as we watch the historic launch of two NASA astronauts into space on a joint SpaceX – NASA project, we also see the wanton destruction of mob violence attempting to shred the fabric of our nation and we have only ourselves to blame. Many of our public schools and those of higher learning have been turned into brainwashing indoctrination centers where family values are replaced with misplaced loyalties where violence is the norm. Have we not learned that violence is never the answer; violence leads more violence and ultimately ends in death.


Those responsible for orchestrating this wave of violence must be held responsible. Follow the money. Paid rabble-rousers who cross state lines for the purpose of rioting and looting are doing so seemingly with impunity. That makes this unrest political in nature and we must look at local, state and national politicians and political figures and hold them responsible. Law enforcement officers on every level are sworn to serve and protect the public. Failure on their part to perform those duties must result in termination and in some cases may warrant prosecution.


In recent months COVID-19 has sought to keep us apart, isolated and fearful but we are a nation of patriots. We come from many racial and ethnic backgrounds becoming one people under one God. We are American’s who love God, our families and our country. Our forefathers fought to create this great nation. We stand with our brothers and sisters continuing the fight to preserve it. Some say the storm is coming. America will be fundamentally changed. We will not let that happen.

WE ARE THE STORM! – I am the Real Truckmaster!



Another Wave of Violence

minnesota violence 2020



Another Wave of Violence


How is it that a foreign entity is able to operate in the United States with impunity using social media, local news outlets and seemingly sanctioned by our own government? How can this be?


I’m speaking of the riot-for-hire tactics of George Soros’ Open Society organization and those under its umbrella. When someone is killed it is and should be an affront to mankind. So how is it that someone can stand aside and film an injustice being committed without stepping in to prevent a tragedy before it happens? I wasn’t in Minnesota but the cameraperson was. Instead of watching and filming could stepping up have changed the outcome?


Secondly where did the “protestors” – give me a break. Call it like it is they are not protestors. Antifa thugs are criminals and anyone who gets caught up in the moment become criminals too. There are plenty of cell-phone and news media videos showing scores of people destroying property and looting as this wave of violence spreads across neighborhoods.


It’s so convenient and obvious that while average Americans are forced to stay home and shelter in place the criminal element roams freely doing their dastardly deeds. What do you hear from the governor, “Oh please stop!” Police precincts are burned to the ground and the National Guard and state troopers are activated to restore law and order. And if that’s not bad enough the scene is repeated in Los Angeles and other cities across the nation. While the President voices his concerns on Twitter, his voice is silenced for glamorizing violence? Even our congress is silent on this wave of violence, unless it is to pass blame to President Trump. It’s his fault they say that a cop killed an African-American man. It may be time to declare Martial Law in Minnesota and elsewhere to place these lawbreakers behind bars and to restore order.


The FBI should come down on organizations like Black Lives Matter and Antifa with an iron fist. There needs to be a blue wave that will take criminal organizations down for racketeering (RICO) and organizing mass lawlessness.


We should have already seen from the Minnesota governor and heard from the Minnesota Attorney General’s office condemnation of these criminal acts and watch as they are brought under control. It shouldn’t be that difficult as every law abiding citizen is still restricted to their homes.


This is not the first time hate crimes are used by nefarious persons to promote hate and racial division. Nor I might add is it going to be the last. We’ve seen this behavior after every election since 2016. We’ve seen mayors and governors turned blind eyes as lawlessness continues and local law enforcement have often been placed on the sidelines and told to just let it play out.


I say turn loose every department, every agency of the United States Department of Justice with specific instructions to stop the violence. Why can’t the same agency that raided the home of an old man and woman at night because they were friendly to President Trump use the same tactics for apprehending the ring leaders, organizers and financiers of these riots?  The memory of George Floyd deserves not only satisfaction but justice as Derek Chauvin (the officer) has been taken into custody. It’s time to let the wheels of justice work. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


Elder Abuse for the Highest Office




Elder Abuse for the Highest Office


We have laws protecting the elderly from being taken advantage of by telephone and home improvement scams. During the COVID-19 we have closed access to nursing homes and care centers to protect elderly residents. There are law enforcement taskforces at many levels in the DOJ to insure there is no one is taking unfair advantage of our most vulnerable – the elderly.


So why is it that we allow a public figure such as former Vice President Joe Biden (78) to be paraded in public on television on a program like “The View” or during stay-at-home quarantine on live feed pleading with voters that if you don’t like him, don’t vote for him; if you’re African-American voting for Trump you ain’t black enough?


I’m embarrassed for him and I blame his family, politicians and the media for stoking the fire of elder abuse which this clearly is. Granted his wife is a doctor, not a medical one but a PHD, but what about his son or other family members? Do they not see what the world sees – a man clearly in the stages of Dementia or Alzheimer’s? Are they so taken by the possibility of him winning the vote (popular or Electoral College) and becoming President of the United States? Should that happen it would be a sure thing that his choice for VP would ascend to the presidency as soon as the inauguration ceremony concluded invoking the 25th Amendment?


Let me clarify something here. Joe Biden in his prime became a force to be reckoned with in politics. It was essential for Barack Obama to use Joe Biden to garner the Democratic votes away from Hillary Clinton in 2008, yet even back then every time Biden got in front of a microphone he managed to continually stick both feet in his mouth. During the re-election, Obama could have switched out Biden for Hillary, but that wasn’t part of his plans for America.


Fast forward to recent weeks it must have been like going to a dentist for Obama to finally come around and endorse Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination. The entire DNC process was phony from the start as Bernie was tearing up the others with voters who were tired of same-o, same-o politics as usual. The way they pulled the rug out from under everyone until the only one left standing was Joe Biden reeks to high heaven. But here we are 5 months away from the election and even with the COVID-19 quarantine of America there is no way that Biden will stand up to the rigors of all out campaigning.


There has to be a line drawn in the sand (Obama’s familiar with that). The line is for somebody to step up and say enough is enough. Save what dignity Biden has left and move him away from the spotlight before he is more than just an embarrassment.


I would never have let my dad gotten out there before his last days if I’d seen in him what I see in Joe Biden. It is apparent that the Democratic Party knows no bounds. The congressional leadership is like geriatric pawns locked in the past. The danger for over the hill politicians is in thinking they are still young, spring chickens. I hate to break it to them but their spring has sprung. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


What is Your Focus?




What is Your Focus?


As I began reading an email response I had to stop myself. The writer said he’d probably never fit in with our generation and that made me stop and write this, before going any further. I am going to add some input or clarity (if that is possible).


I recently posted that looking through foggy glasses all you see is fog?


That is true as your focus is bases on your environment, those you allow around you, your family, friends and coworkers.


Those who know me may not know how or why Thailand is part of my DNA, in my conversations and Thailand groups not only did I spend a brief 2 ½ years in Thailand 68 – 70, but I brought Thailand home with me after I married a Thai and brought her to the states. I’ve been back many times over the years and always I went to revisit the place of my youth – Camp Khon Kaen, from the mid-1990’s until the mid-2000’s I watched as changes occurred in Thailand. For me the biggest changes became noticeable when I made a final trip out to the old camp and found our footprint had been erased completely. I stopped going out there because a part of me was no longer and my focus changed.


What I want you to see is that maybe you need to change your focus, clean off your foggy glasses and see the world through a new and different light.


The writer began to say that DJT needs to show compassion and not focus on getting re-elected. Clearly someone hasn’t seen where Trumps focus is or has been. I’ve watched as he shows compassion for Americans of many walks of life, different ethnic groups and political parties. Most of that doesn’t appear in the main stream media. What they have done is focusing on a disinformation campaign like we have never seen before in a continual attempt to get Trump out of office or keep him from getting reelected. If you watch those “news” feeds closely you will see that once one person “brands” something negative about Trump, it is parroted on every station and every talk show over and over again.


Let me interject something here. Your comments matter to me. In fact rather than taking the time to write you a personal response, I write my Real Truckmaster Series blogs.  Sometimes I’m serious, other times I’m making fun of what liberals say and do (to make a point). Your comments are largely responsible for many of my RTM blogs. Thank you (seriously)!


Trump is like an octopus fighting on many fronts and has been since 2015 when he announced he was running for President. He took many of the political talking points and turned them into campaign promises. After the inauguration he gathered together politicians from both sides of the isle (both wings of the same chicken) and told him what he’d like them to do bi-partisanly to make America come together. They listened, but did they do it – no. The left began their resistance campaign, aided by RINOs and butt-hurt republicans. Trump has a way of doing that to people who take his jabbing personally. Maybe it’s just his way of counter-punching?


But take the wall. It’s been talked about since Reagan, if not before. Every president has said we need to do something about securing the border. Some did nothing. Others put up a 3 or 4 strand wire fence or some type of flimsy barrier. They lobbied congress, had funds appropriated to do the job but didn’t. What happened to that money? But when Trump said it – BAM! They resisted and we began seeing caravans, protests and even American citizens going into Mexico coaching migrants to claim amnesty. (That’s illegal). Trump has been getting things done in spite of the resistance from the left. To date there are 200 miles of wall already up and it is making a difference in the areas where it has been built.


You talk about compassion, Trump has compassion for those making the trip north to our border and he has put pressure on leaders of Mexico and other Central American nations to secure their borders and prevent these caravans from reaching the US. Offering migrants amnesty in their countries. It has worked, but we still get overwhelmed by those not wanting or able to go through the process legally. So is it more compassionate to do as Obama did, build cages? Or discourage them from beginning the road trip north?


Trump is waging a single-handed war against foreign countries and world based organizations who’ve systematically taken advantage of the US in trade, oil and technology to level the playing field. I truly believe that congress isn’t on board because they have no idea how to do the things Trump has done. They don’t have the vision or the focus. Otherwise they would gather together and begin working together to make America better. Oh they say they are, but action speaks louder than words.


Before I close let me talk about this virus and other things. It began in China in early December 2019. Trump was advised about it when there were only 45 cases reported in China. Congress was bent on impeaching him, yet his focus was on the virus. He and his advisors worked closely to begin monitoring travelers coming in from China, way before he stopped flights from coming in. Upon finding out there were insufficient supplies of PPE, Trump began working with private industry to convert assembly lines into PPE production. Who else had ever done something like that since Roosevelt during WWII? So while the Democratic leftists in Congress try to destroy Trump with some trumped up charges, his focus is on dealing with the virus.


As the virus became a national focus Trump could have used executive orders to try and force states to do what he and his advisors said was the proper thing to do, but he put it on the governors. Their states their decision, but with federal guidance and as we know and understand more about the virus the push to social distance, stay at home, wear masks, get tested and so on – all that has been changing, morphing as we go along. Again Trump could “order” governors to open up, but again it’s their states, their decisions. That way the left can’t blame him for shutting down or opening up states because it’s their states, their decisions.


Through all this Trump has taken no salary (donated each quarter back to government agencies for specific causes). He has taken a tremendous personal financial hit as president. The media has been the action arm of the political left, spreading misinformation and attacking anyone associated with or ever having known Trump.


The Obama administration weaponized various agencies during the 8 years of Obama. They have been running cover as the Deep State and done so with impunity until now. Every time Trump fires an Obama era political appointee, the left goes off. Trump appoints someone – they drag their feet approving a replacement. Trump has thrown many a curve ball and they didn’t see it coming. But when Trump appoints a temporary replacement the left tries to deflect him away from his purpose by intimidation and threats, even issuing letters to stop doing what Trump has him doing.


Just a few days ago while in front of a media camera Pelosi said “One things for sure, Trump will not be president in 2021, one way or another.” So what does that tell you? The Democrats are focusing once again on Impeachment 2.0 in an attempt to prevent him from making it to November.


It is important for Trump to be re-elected in order to clean out the Obama administration’s corruption in government and begin bringing guilty people to justice. American voters need to do the same in November – clean out corrupt politicians of both parties. The Democrats have run phony campaigns to amass delegates, but always they have something up their sleeve. Is it a coincidence that Biden ended up the supposed nominee-elect? With his dementia or Alzheimer’s very apparent, I think not.


In closing, liberals look in the mirror and cry foul and conservatives see the mirror for what it is a reflection.


Liberals accuse others of what they themselves are doing. Conservatives say – open your eyes!


Christians know that what God puts in motion cannot be stopped until HIS plan has been accomplished.


Sometimes God uses a hammer, other times he uses a nail. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


After the Curve

after the curve


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After The Curve


Remember when they said what you don’t know can’t hurt you? Well they might have been right, but what you don’t know can kill you and that doesn’t always hurts, right?


A few weeks ago I critiqued a @OANN Investigative Report – Exposing China’s Coronavirus. That report mentioned scientific “Gain of Function” testing that occurred at a Biosafety Lab (BSL-3) in North Carolina in 2015 then published in a scientific journal. Among those participating were Ralph S. Baric of Gilling’s School of Global Public Health at the University of North Carolina, Dr. Shi Zheng-Li and another scientist from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China.


Also uncovered in the report were references to writings and publications of noted author Rosemary Gibson warning about these genetic testing. It was shown that the US dependency on Chinese made drugs, medical equipment (PPE) and a host of other products, some outsourced by American companies. The lack of urgency or preparedness by national leaders placed their citizens at risk, while the aggressive approach by President Trump was the right thing to do.


Let is suffice to say that comments I received accused me of simply spreading fear.


We are now 2 months past the broadcast and there is much we should have learned from this pandemic. Although a deadly virus affecting millions around the globe is less deadly than the common flu.


Did you know that there are approximately 200 Biosafety Level 3 & 4 laboratories located in virtually every state of the union and even more around the globe each one for specific medical, military and/or research applications? These laboratories conduct a host of experiments, and an untold number of breaches or safety violations occur without nearby communities being aroused or even aware.


We have learned that the virus affects the body’s natural ability for the red blood cells to carry blood throughout the bloodstream. While searching for an effective vaccine we learn that a 70 year old antimalarial drug Hydroxychloroquine, sold under the brand name Plaquenil is the most highly effective treatment when prescribed with Azithromycin, known by the brand name Zithromax or Z-Pak.


We have also learned that preventive measures such as social distancing, facemasks and common sense contribute to lower infection rates than predicted. Stay at home measures have worked to a point, but prolonged seem to have unforeseen side effects such as mental health. We have not yet learned to balance mandated self-isolation with fresh air, sun and heat which kill the virus and promote healthy lives. A by-product of social distancing and wearing facemasks is the mass hysteria and paranoia that develop as fear turns into complete panic.


By natural design mankind is a social being, touching, feeling, tasting and living life as the creator meant it to be for developing fully functioning immune systems and mental health. Strip away the social aspect of human beings and you have nothing but an empty shell and a life no longer worth living.


We have learned that the humanity of man is not nourished in isolation to or from others. When challenges occur it is the ingenuity of man and the grace of Almighty God who access and adjust while developing new methods to succeed.


It is my opinion that we must take what he have learned and go out into the big wide world and get back to living life not haphazardly as we have done in the past, but by becoming more aware of the hazards we may encounter and embrace each one as a challenge to be overcome. We must live life to the fullest. We must love like there is no tomorrow. We must look forward to what is ahead. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


The Response Medical Scientific or Political

read me sign



The Response Medical Scientific or Political


Like many of you I often wonder who thought up these responses to the Virus. Mask, Gloves, Social Distancing, no eating in public places, walking outside in the sun or going out for a Sunday drive just to enjoy the beach or fresh air or to explore the great outdoors. No going to church, the barber or anywhere for that matter.


At this point I’m surprised there has been no “shoot on sight, survivors will be prosecuted”-type order issued.


Recently Los Angeles County issued a decree that everyone must wear a face covering when outside. I don’t live in Los Angeles County but I fail to see the logic? If we are to wear face coverings while in public places (shopping, etc.) then exactly how does keeping a six foot distance between people help? Granted the face covering doesn’t protect the wearer from the virus, only other wearers from catching your cough, sneeze or dribbling cold.


The trouble with stay at home orders it gives you time to think about what’s really important. Have you watched as the farmer opens up the henhouse early in the morning? At first chickens realize the door has been opened and then they pour out into the yard scratching for food and at night they head back inside. The farmer comes along and secures the door not to keep the chickens in but to keep the predators out. Remember it’s for their safety (Sound familiar)? Even the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Bears had the big bad wolf yelling let him in or he’d be huffing and puffing threatening to blow the house down. Did it work? Why does it work now?


So what does the medical experts say about staying at home, wearing a mask, social distancing to fight the virus? What is the diagnosis on this? What does science tell us? Are we better off “in this together” in semi-total isolation away from family and friends? Scientifically are we safer together?


Or is this much ado about nothing? I don’t mean the virus is nothing. It is what it is – a virus. It’s characteristics suggest it inhibits the body’s ability to hold and carry oxygen through the bloodstream leading to higher than normal temperatures accompanied by pain and headaches that if left untreated will cause death.


How is this virus being treated? A typical trip to the emergency room can result in a cursory scan of the body, logging symptoms, prescription for go home and rest, if difficulty breathing occurs come back in or call 911. If untreated for a week or more the primary treatment in the ER may be ventilators to assist with the breathing by keeping the lungs functioning. But what is really happening if there is no oxygen circulating through the blood stream? Oxygen deprivation!


What is keeping doctors, hospitals and medical facilities from using Hydroxychloroquine AND Azithromycin (Z-PAC) to treat patients exhibiting early signs of COVID-19? Is it clinical uncertainty or undue pressure from above? One Sacramento doctor acknowledges that during a pandemic there is no time to waste, early treatment is better than waiting, which can be fatal.


Early on we have been told that heat kills the virus, being outdoors is safer than being cooped up indoors and prolonged wearing of face coverings can lead to carbon dioxide poisoning. Shutting down America does nothing to stop or kill the virus. It simply kills jobs, stifles the economy and prevents workers from earning a living to feed their families. This “cure” is definitely worse than the virus in so many ways.


So that brings us to political ramifications with the upcoming Presidential Election in November 3, 2020. Are we to believe that this entire pandemic is a manufactured one to sway voters? Is the stimulus bills coming out of Congress simply a means to hand breadcrumbs to workers prevented from actually doing work? Is this a ploy to not only bring America to its knees, but to eliminate the middle class and place all working Americans onto welfare rolls? Turn off main stream television and cable news channels for 30 days. Determine in your hearts what is important to you – family, religion, patriotism, nationalism, or selfishness?


We are better than this America! This is the best time to be an American and this is where God has placed you for such a time like this. We have faced adversity in times past, corruption at every level of government and when push comes to shove – WE SHOVE BACK! – I am the Real Truckmaster!




Goal of Shutdown America



Goal of Shutdown America


I’m not a revolutionary type of guy and I don’t want to see the nation I love suffer, especially in the manner of closing up shop until the virus is extinguished or a vaccine has been created and given to everyone on the planet. What I am saying is let us all get back to business and a new normal – sick people staying home or covering up when out in public. Let us get back to walking in the park, camping in the mountains, fishing in the rivers and lakes. Eating at a fancy restaurant or at our favorite fast food establishments, parents need to get back to their jobs, kids back in school and live needs to go on.


If we haven’t learned one thing during this pandemic, surely we’ve learned to open our eyes, engage our brains and ask some of those serious questions:


  • How does the virus cause panic buying of toilet paper?


  • How does Stay at Home and Shelter in Place prevent the spread of the virus or flatten the curve?


  • How does creating multiple stimulus bills worth Multiple T’s of $$ help keep the US afloat during this time of national shutdown?


  • Why do politicians like to spend other people’s money, not their own – other people are us!



Maybe these are real questions to real problems but it seems to me that the real pandemic is milking the virus for political gain in order to bankrupt the US economy and therefore hasten the collapse of entire economies around the world a perfect storm to bring forth a global New World Order.


Think about it, who are the ones calling for extending the shutdown of America? Are they working class people? No they are primarily politicians who are in no threat of losing their wages or pensions even during a time of national disaster such as this. OR they are public figures with substantial financial income sources that as yet are unaffected by the shutdown. Who are the ones affected the most? Wage earners, hourly workers and small business owners who’ve poured their lives into making their business succeed. Now many of these business owners have been told by government they are non-essential (don’t matter) and must close until further notice and if you don’t like it, no matter because you are to stay at home and are prevented from traveling outside the 10 mile radius of your home or to stay at least 6 feet social distance from anyone you meet on the street or in a store.


I’ve heard of a solution to all this madness is to put political salaries on the chopping block of the next election. Yes let voters decide if politicians should receive a salary while the nation suffers by shutting down. Take that safety net out from under them and let them feel our pain. – I am the Real Truckmaster!