No to WALL and Yes to DACA?



Yes our immigration laws need reformed and brought into the current century, but all the fuss about keeping DACA (Illegal aliens brought to the US illegally) and a minority of citizens not wanting to strengthen our border with a “Wall” are simply ludicrous.
Have you travelled outside the United States? Where did you go? Did you need a passport or a visa? When you went to this other country, did they allow you to “make yourself at home” and do as you please?


I watched the news recently and an American citizen was jailed for spouting off about the leader of the nation she was visiting. She found out real quick that being disrespectful toward the leader of a nation is not acceptable. She thought that doing over there what our liberal “snowflakes” do here to President Trump was “no big deal”.


I challenge all the so called “liberals” who insist on showing their stupidity in public take a lesson from her experience. You’re so called “resistance” is nothing more than “insurrection” and we have laws to prosecute violators.


What we have is a massive “failure to educate” our children at home and at school. Parents go out of their way to “provide” for their children. What they are providing is not what they need to survive in the real world.


During the past 9 + years we have told our children there is no God. There is no religion, but Islam. There is no such thing as being born male or female, everyone is everything and have the “right” to choose.


We have taught our children blatant disrespect, for themselves, their family, their government and the world. We place more emphasis on combating animal abuse, but ignore the abuse of humans.


We show by our example that attacking anyone who doesn’t think like we do. We have taught that right is wrong and wrong is right, and wonder “What Happened”? Does that sound familiar Hillary?


If you take that thought process and apply it to illegal immigration, you are simply burying your head in the sand.


Illegal immigration is illegal!


There is a process to enter this country properly, legally. Coming here illegally is a crime and violators should be apprehended, fined and deported. Those who are here illegally and commit a crime should be processed thru our judicial system, imprisoned and the deported.


How hard is that to understand?


There is no justification for crossing the border without papers.

If someone is being persecuted, there are provisions for being granted an emergency visa, and they work toward obtaining their citizenship by obeying the laws of this country and working to assimilate into American society.


Anyone who comes here and obtains US citizenship under false pretenses should have their US citizenship revoked and those who commit serious crimes must be held accountable, they should be imprisoned and then deported.


It is the responsibility of our government to secure our borders, and maybe each state bordering another nation should do so with National Guard troops?

We don’t have to tell other countries to secure their borders because they do that without question.

If you are still not persuaded to secure our borders, I propose this simple solution.


We could convince Mexico to waive its sovereignty as a nation and request to be annexed into the United States as our 51st state – Mexico.


The president of present day Mexico would become an elected official, the governor. The Mexican military would revert to National Guard forces, and would be responsible for patrolling the southern border between Guatemala and Mexico. All Mexican citizens would become US Citizens by default.
Now wouldn’t that solve a lot of political wrangling over illegal vs legal immigration?

Immigration is not a “gray matter”. It’s straight forward and I suggest that our legislators begin using that “gray matter” between their ears when it comes to securing our borders. – I am the Real Truckmaster

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