In Other Words….Libs vs Conservs – Part 2




This is a followup on an article I wrote and published titled “It’s My Constitutional Right” after receiving feedback from a friend with a point of view different than mine.

I think that liberals have bought hook, line and sinker every Trump tidbit thrown out there by the media, conservatives do not. The media slams Trump on his twitter account and his propensity to tweet seemingly non-stop. There is absolutely no way to know if the media is telling the truth or bending things a bit. Because of that matter I took to Twitter (never had before) so I could follow @realDonaldTrump and judge for myself. Not only do I get the tweets from his twitter account, but there are several other presidential twitter accounts that I have found and am now following as well.

(@POTUS; @DonTrump_POTUS; @WhiteHouse; @POTUSPress; and several more official twitter accounts)

I suggest checking the source BEFORE blindly reacting by what the media puts out, I do.

The typical liberal reaction is the title of that Bannon book “Fire and Fury”; ie everything Trump does or says is criticized to the 10,000th and it has been continual since the campaign began. That in its self is unreal, to say the least.

My conservative reaction to the tweets by the President is initially laughter. On rare instances when I can listen to the president go after someone like he did at the UN by calling KJU “Rocketman” was hilarious to me. Not the name calling, but the name he called KJU. I could not get the Elton John song out of my head since that moment.

What was meant as a means of public humiliation for KJU turned into a global disaster by the media. It was a signal for NOKO to tone down the missile tests, period. Yet the liberal left in congress began venting once again about the mental stability of the president. All that showed was the mental instability of those members of congress, who really need to go back to their home states and find a quiet place to live off the grid.

It was all evidence of the swamp creatures groaning because they are not able to control the president.

Now we haven’t been able to have a fully functioning and effective legislative body come together on hardly anything since the election, and after the release of the Bannon book, some enterprising millionaire purchased a copy of that book and gave it to EVERY LEGISLATOR. Why? Is that suppose to open them up to the workings of the Trump mind? Not likely.

If the liberal left really wanted to peel back the layers and see how the Trump mind works, they would have only to look at “The Art of the Deal” by Donald J. Trump. It’s that simple.

There is a whole media spin that has liberals spewing forth utter nonsense about the Trump Real Estate Investment Empire. Case in point, Trump has went bankrupt 5 times; Trump has taken advantage of the economic collapse and bought properties dumping people right out on the street; Trump flaunts his millionaire status and is a braggart who continually pats himself on the back for self-recognition.

I haven’t read the comments from the President’s claim about being super smart and a genius. I’m guessing the pundits haven’t compiled enough nouns and verbs together to complete a comprehensive sentence over that one.

What Trump has been saying AND doing over the years is telling people to do their job right the first time, so there is no second time. Do their job and be willing to sign their name to it, as their individual stamp of approval. Not only has he been telling others to do that, but he has placed the TRUMP brand on everything he has built and/or owns.

Who else can say they stand by their work? Harley Davidson, who just moved manufacturing of an American iconic motorcycle to overseas plants? Sears used to do that, but no longer stands behind their iconic brand either?

Well times have changed and places like Walmart, Target, K-Mart have all joined the dollar chain stores in selling foreign goods over comparable American made products. After all profit is profit, bottom line! It wasn’t long before the elections that manufacturers were told by the Obama administration to stop putting “Made in the USA” on their product packaging as it gives an unfair advantage against foreign trade? Come on now!

It was the same administration that signed a contract with China to ship American grown poultry to be dressed, processed, packaged and shipped back to the USA for our consumers (you and me)? How much sense does that make?

Whether you love him or hate him, President Donald Trump has proclaimed and taken a stand to “Make America Great Again” and the liberal left has gone nuts over it. Not only that one of his great campaign promises, but he has put action behind his words.

Donald Trump is a leader who pushes himself harder than he pushes others. His entire persona has been to strive for perfection in what you do, and don’t back down, don’t give up and never stop. Every roadblock is simply a detour, keeping the end game in sight.

Remember this Donald Trump is not your politician’s politician. When cornered a politician is likely to cower and find a way out of the mess he most likely created trying to please voters for their vote.

Trump is a very successful businessman, who has spent his entire life taking chances and perfecting the Art of the Deal. He has had ups and downs, had to put everything on the line (all the chips on the table) until the deal came through.

When others would go home crying, Trump would go home planning a comeback strategy. When others said no, Trump would continue pressing forward. Failure is not an option with Donald Trump. Don’t start something unless you are committed to the end.

It is high time that Americans (not liberals or conservatives), but Americans look at Trumps campaign promises and administrative agenda and DECIDE to get on board or be content to get run over, as the Trump Train is in perpetual motion and not slowing down.

I listened to a commercial recently saying it’s not about the glass half full or half empty, it’s about FILLING THE GLASS UP! – I am the Real Truckmaster


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