Donald J. Trump – Part 3



This is basically part 3 from an online discussion a friend and I are having about Donald J. Trump.

Sorry if I don’t see things from a liberal left or democratic perspective, yet we have agreed to disagree on the man.

My friend feels that Trump has “flaws” and has hurt this country in the eyes of the world. He feels that Trump doesn’t have the intellect to recognize the full scope of those who would like to see us fail and fall like Russia, China, N, Korea, Iran and others. He sees Trump as an isolationist with grandiose stances that are hurting our relationship with other countries and their leaders/people and his constant twittering and public responses to those who admonish or disagree with him are simply childlike responses. Lastly my friend agrees with Trump’s stance on immigration, just not the wall as an effective means of stopping illegal immigration.

Just because we disagree on many of these issues we do not have to dissolve our friendship and put up separation barriers. Sorry it isn’t going to happen.

Let me explain why I don’t agree with his total assessment of Trump the man, whom I have never met, spoken to or even seen up close except on TV. I may take this all the way back to the campaign as a way of explanation.

What I saw of Donald Trump was limited to his newsworthy appearances on TV, or on “The Apprentice” and I was not especially taken by his “You’re Fired” approach to people. But I understood that was how he is and totally not my style.

I did watch a TV special on Trump One and got a brief glimpse into the Trump Business Empire. I noticed right away that nobody crosses Donald J. Trump, or tells him no. If Trump is unhappy, somebody will get it fixed or become unhappily unemployed. I’ve seen that combination with other so-called successful businessmen and women at the top of their corporations.

I was of the same mind when he announced his run for president. I thought it was a publicity stunt and gave it no second thought and it seems that another TV special was aired on the life of Donald J. Trump which was meant to show him in an unfavorable light as his campaign began to take shape.

This documentary showed his life as a child, into military school and his academic achievement with business finance, when it wasn’t a popular field. Keeping in mind Trump had a childhood not unlike many others. His hard working parents and like many at the time “farmed” him out to military school. Where he excelled in sports, even boxing and the totality of his upbringing help shape his persona.

His business dealings had ups and downs. Trump had business ideas which he pursued that resulted in business successes and failures, which didn’t deter him, but it made him work harder to turn things around. At some point he even placed his entire business empire in jeopardy. He persisted until it finally paid off.

There was footage of his marriages and his divorces and his insatiable quest to be seen with beautiful women.

So during the campaign I mistook his aggressive behavior when he began attacking the republican candidates with the same fervor as the democrats. That turned me off on him altogether. I didn’t realize it then, and liberals haven’t recognized it even now, as the way in which Donald J. Trump approaches everything he does, all out 100% forward, no retreat.

The challenge lay before him once the dust settled and it was “The Donald” vs “Queen Hillary”. They are both close to the same age, both raised in New York and I’m sure were either friends or acquaintances at some point. What is interesting to me is that Hillary had been a republican, even a “Goldwater Girl” working for the Barry Goldwater campaign, while Trump had been a democrat. Quite the switch don’t you think?

So when nobody thought Trump would win the election, he did win the Electoral College overwhelmingly and the political world went into shock because Trump wasn’t even a politician.

This took the political world by storm as the voice of Americans, the “fly over country” conservative and democratic voters spoke loud and clear that we are tired of politics as usual in America.

It happened largely because Donald Trump used a new social media called Twitter to get his message across. At that time I didn’t know what Twitter was and didn’t have the time or inclination to find out.

Twitter has been an outstanding method of engaging American voters without utilizing the media. Media outlets have gone overboard criticizing his use of twitter or his seemingly unceasing tweets.

So like many Americans I decided to join Twitter and follow @realDonaldTrump so I could gauge for myself that the president really tweeted without some media interpretation.  It’s the same thing when a live even is broadcast, then afterwards commentators are telling you what the speaker really meant (not always the same).

My opinion began to change drastically when the personal attacks began to intensify during the campaign, and continued after the election. All the fake and staged protests, all the smoke and mirrors from all sides brought it all into focus for me and I became 100% behind Donald J. Trump.

Plus the fact that I believe that if God can take a poor shepherd boy named David to become king, he most certainly can take a man with severe character flaws and raise him up to become the great leader that I see in Donald Trump. What I see is a Great God leading a humble man with character flaws and lots of grit and determination.

Now Trump knows the value of re-shaping or defining what America stands for, in opposition to the previous president, whom the media simply followed around like a puppy who could do no wrong. I called it then and I call it now the Pied Piper Syndrome that nearly gave America a death roll.

Leaders of every nation have to demonstrate to their own people and to the world where their nation stands and Donald Trump has done that. He has said we are a great nation and have been unfairly dealt with by nations of the world, who have taken an unfair advantage in the UN where we pay a disproportionate amount to finance the UN without any return?

North Korea attacked South Korea in the Korean War of the early 1950s and allied forces routed the enemy all the way back to the Chinese border, until China stepped in with massive military forces flooding the border against allied forces of many nations.

KJU didn’t instill anything to the people of NOKO, his grandfather did, and his father before him over the past 70 years it has been made a public consciousness that USA is evil and they can defeat us AGAIN. (They do not admit loosing the Korean War, in fact they are still at war and we are their enemy).

Remember this Trump is a negotiator and a very good one at that. He has strengthen our relationship with our allies AND our enemies and they know that he says what he means and means what he says and in the face of opposition he stands firm. He will make the deal, but not at the expense of the American people. But rest assured that in time of crisis, our enemies will feel our might, just as our friends will feel our strength and support.

Even though here at home there is much opposition and dissension, it hasn’t deterred his focus on what he SAID he would do. Now the border must be secured, and no the wall will not be the end all cure for illegal immigration, but it will no longer be an open door either. It won’t be a 300 mile wall, it will be a restraining barrier where it is not now, and it will be more effective in controlling who enters this country.

More importantly federal immigration laws must be enforced by federal government agencies. Ignoring the laws or being ordered to stand down on identifying illegal aliens have never been the answer or the smart thing. Congress has been playing both sides against the middle for a very long time, and the politicians in chief of past administrations did nothing to fulfill their campaign promises, until now.

Trump is arrogant yes, but he is a straight shooter and a go for the jugular kind of guy. Remember this too, that in the Trump business empire nobody said no to Donald Trump without consequences. The same is true around Hillary, nobody stood in her way without fatal consequences. (I’ve never heard of Trump ordering a hit on someone, have you?)

Well enough for now. Trump never has been and is not now perfect but he is by far the best vessel to be used by God at this particular place and at this time. That I firmly believe. Although Trump never had military service, he received enough military school training to understand the relationship of the chain of command, but he has competent retired military officers in key positions to insure he doesn’t go off at the wrong time (I’m sure of that too). – I am the Real Truckmaster


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