The State of Our Congress is Wrong!

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It didn’t start with the election of President Trump, but has been going on for many, many years. Yet what has been uncovered with the mergence of this political outsider, yet well-known to the very politicians who denounce him today, is the hypocrisy of the swamp, and the creatures of the political deep-state.

When did the political gap widen to the point that party “loyalty” is measured by going against a persons God given sense of right and wrong? This is nothing more than political bullying at its very core and encompassing the left and the right.

The political legislative body has lost its moral compass. It seems better to please the bully bosses than to do what is right and appropriate as seen for what it is from the 2018 SOTU Address.

When the peoples representatives openly demonstrate AGAINST American values and find fault with the country, our flag and a president who has more than demonstrated his love for America by his words, his actions and his campaign promises, yet the open rebellion from the liberal left is thought to be the norm? I don’t think so!

What is needed and what we must have is a re-grounding of the American political process. Since when did it become acceptable for congress to call others racist and intolerant while harboring groups like Black Lives Matter, the Congressional Black Caucus and the Muslim Brotherhood?

Our law enforcement and military have been seen by some as the enemy and disrespecting America by so-called “Americans” is thought to be normal? It isn’t!

Our “resistance congress” has much to be ashamed of, and should be held in “Contempt of  Country” for the way they behave. It’s obvious that many were not raised properly and/or lacked role models with integrity.

Lawmakers who failed to act in 2012 when the unlawful DACA order was given by the actual first living undocumented president, have done little to nothing since to right this wrong against America.

In September 2017, President Trump gave notice that congress MUST right this wrong in accordance to the US Constitution, or on 5 March 2018 DACA will end. There are exactly 30 days before that deadline is here, and all the posturing, accusations and inaction of this congress will affect families across this nation, as the law enforcement process will become evident.

American’s should be outraged at a congress that demonstrates their dislike and outright hatred of what this nation stands for.

To quote one of my grandsons, “Winter is Coming”!

I’m for a national recall of any legislator who is unresponsive to the duties of their office. Politicians like Schumer, Pelosi, Feinstein and others who think malfeasance equals resistance. It is not! Come election day they should be replaced by untainted patriots who love this country and it’s laws.  – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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