The State of Our Union is Strong!




The State of Our Union is Strong!

I applaud President Trump on a terrific no holds barred speech that leaves no doubt the direction our nation is headed and let there be no doubt it’s not about Donald J. Trump, it’s about what God can do with one man who answers the call and steps forward. The state of our union is strong – but only so long as our union, our priority is first with our God!

Tonight President Trump honored a great number of individuals, companies and administration officials who stepped up when they very well could have turned and walked away. Kind of like the democrat who walked out near the end of the president’s address, or the representatives and senators who chose to defy the president and in reality did a great disservice to the very people who elected them into office.

I truly believe that anyone in public office who is not standing up for Americans and America need to resign their office, clean out their desk and go home, with their head hanging in shame. The time is now for American’s to stand strong, arm in arm and look out for each other. American’s are dreamers too!

It is the dream of living the American dream, raising our families in safety and working hard to achieve our dreams.

We have for too long been victimized and publicly humiliated BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT because of who we are. NO MORE! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

It’s time to take off the streets the criminal elements whether they are natural born or illegal aliens. Communities must come together for the common good, without fear or intimidation and rid the streets of the bullies and thugs who have claimed our cities as their own.

The time is now for the United States of America to stand up, be strong and place that line in the sand where our enemies will not cross. It’s time to reclaim our right to live as Americans!

If it were not true it would be comical the way the democrats sat thru the entire state of the union address, even though the president offered a most attractive olive leaf “a path to citizenship” for DACA and others, but insisting on border security and the safety of Americans. It was like they had each sat on a piece of gum and didn’t have the strength to rise (until it was over).

Without listening to any commentators “translating” what the president said, I have to say it was a pretty good speech, adhering to his campaign promises (except the path to citizenship, which was offered to get the democrats involved. It was more like throwing a bone to a dog!) If they refuse to budge, then it will be they who failed in the DACA reform!

America will be seen by other nations as a push over no more. America First at home and abroad.

I’m glad to see a president say what he means and mean what he says and if you’re not behind him, you’re in front of him, like a bulls-eye target and he will surely bring you into focus.

The ball is in the halls of congress now let us see if any of them have their own? – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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