How many times have you wanted to do something but told yourself you just don’t have enough time? Often we just don’t know how to begin? It has been said of a Confucius saying that “A journey begins with the first step”.

What are you waiting for?

Time is something that you don’t own, control, add to or subtract from, so what can you do with it?

I recently heard a sermon online where the pastor said that time was created for us by the God of the universe. Time consumes our lives. We can use time wisely or waste it away forever.

When I hear the word “prehistoric” automatically I think of dinosaurs and I heard a pastor say that humans are prehistoric. What did he mean by that? What is the major difference between humans and dinosaurs? Extinction! That’s right dinosaurs are extinct and humans are still here on the earth doing what we’ve always done, trying to “outsmart” God, searching for a way to stay young and live forever.

Our bodies begin dying the instant we are born, starting with skin cells and continuing until we take our last breathe, yet we want to live forever.

Women beat a path to the door of plastic surgeons for what we call cosmetic surgery, to make them look younger; they go to salons and tanning spas in an attempt to have their hair, nails and skin treated in a vain attempt to make them feel younger. There are dieting and exercise centers to feed into the slimmer more energetic “you”.

Men do things a bit differently (or do we)? There are exercise centers and gyms where we can sweat off those pounds in an attempt to mold our bodies into that “perfect” body. Whether it’s the manly sport of football, golf or soccer men want others to see them as being in great physical shape.

Everyone who goes to the beach, or the pool either lounge around on a towel for a tan or tackle the water hazard on a surfboard to show off their “manly” skills and the envy of all their friends and strangers alike.

So engaged are we in tapping into that fountain of “youth” that before long time has passed us by. We hear the music and inside our minds we are dancing, while in reality our bodies are struggling just to stand up or walk. Time is a commodity given to us by God. It is He alone who can pluck us up at a twinkling of an eye.

I like a couple of quotes I’ve heard, like “It’s not the life you’ve lived, it’s how you lived your life”.

Another quote was written down in a poem called the “Dash”. It is a story behind the markings on a cemetery headstone (the birth date “-“the date of death). What did that person accomplish during their lifetime, during the “-“?

We are each unique and created for a purpose. In fact the bible tells us that Almighty God knew us BEFORE he created the heavens and the earth. The evidence of our purpose is seen by our birth. Every human who was ever born, or will ever be born have the same importance in the eyes of the God who knows the hairs on our head, and the cells he put together for our being. The one thing God has given each of us is TIME!

As a pastor said in TV we have enough TIME to serve God.

Do our actions, our words, and our conduct with one another reflect our selfish desires or God?

Our mandate is to tell others of the love of the one true living God and conduct ourselves in such a way that others see God when they see us.

Our lives are not our own, nor are we the one controlling the time we are given. This world is not our home, but a brief stop from Eternity to Eternity.

The space between Eternities is TIME.

What have you done with yours?

When this life is over, and dirt is placed over us we will have chosen to either follow Jesus who is the Christ, with the reward of spending eternity with HIM praising God along with fellow believers; or we will have chosen by following after false gods, monetary or temporal things (which separate us from God) and may feel good for a season, but will cost us an eternity without God, who is good.

Whether you believe or choose not to believe in life after death makes no difference to anyone other than yourself, yet where you spend eternity depends on the decision you make here on earth, BEFORE you die.

It is not God’s plan that anybody should perish, it is a choice each of us must make for ourselves. The bible is very clear, all have fallen short of the glory of God and the only way of redemption is by the blood of Jesus that was shed on the cross at Calvary. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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