The Era of Public Indoctrination




The Era of Public Indoctrination

Yes it’s the holiday season and we all should be thinking about the reason for celebrating the independence of our nation from a tyrannical leader and a government that was not responsive to the needs of the people in the new world. We should be cleaning out the BBQ grill, hosing down the lawn furniture, setting up the tables with red, white and blue trimmed banners. We should be preparing to welcome family and friends and talk about George Washington, Paul Revere and John Adams and the like, but there’s a saying (or should be) that liberalism never takes a holiday.

The news is continually filled with misinformation that is direct and intentional about everything under the sun from abolish ICE to Impeach Trump and lots of room in between to throw in a couple of He’s a Liar and She’s a Liar and pretty soon everyone’s all liars. Kind of reminds me of what’s his names book, “Lying liars and the liars who tell them” (or some such thing).

From the left are cries of “Open Borders” and “Families need to stay together”, while on the right the call is for “Enforce the Law” and “Send them back”, and then the liberal-left fringe of females dancing naked from the waist down yelling at Trump thru their vaginas?? How’s that working out, sorta like farting but different? In my book it’s public indecency and they should be allowed to all wear a pretty orange jumpsuit and get their 3 hot’s and a cot.

It’s way past time for slinging all this rhetoric while ignoring the fact that our borders are to be secured; unlawful entry is illegal; Homeless and Homeless Veterans need a helping hand up, food, water, clothing and shelter; abortion is killing our babies; and lifetime career politicians need to return home and put their “concern” to work making life better for everyone, not just their bank accounts; the media should return to reporting the news; the entertainers should go back to making movies, not stupid political stands; sports figures return to playing the game and honoring our great nation.

I say this last part with a smile on my face J if you are not part of a solution, you are the problem L and I advise you to grab a globe (that old time spinning worldy thing) give it a whirl, stick your finger on it and move there, post haste! America needs citizens who are contributing to the betterment of our country, not babbling idiots who still can’t get over the fact that Trump is Your President (and mine too)! – I am the real Truckmaster!

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