On the Russia Collusion Investigation



On the Russia Collusion Investigation

While serving as Obama’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used unsecure servers, and unsecure mobile devices to transmit classified documents and even communicated with POTUS#44 over unsecure networks from hostile nations – Of Course Russia hacked into the DNC server, most likely using a BHO/HRC back door access, or maybe there are BHO hidden and unsecure servers containing classified documents (like a presidential blackberry or two)? And how is it that Congressional Democrats employ 3 foreign national “Internet Technicians” giving them free access to DNC computer systems, records and more without anyone the wiser? So why have Team Mueller and his high powered Democrat investigators not discovered how a real Russian Collusion could have happened?

No evidence of Trump Campaign – Russia Collusion? I’d say that maybe it’s time to examine the examiners? Just saying…….I am the Real Truckmaster!


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