More Than Just A Flag



More Than Just A Flag


It is red, white and blue

Flies for me and for you

Stars and stripes are pure white

Red as the blood that was spilled

So that all can live free


It’s more than just a flag

It covers bodies in bags

And flies freely atop a great pole

So that all can live free


You claim patriotism is in your veins, yet you do not hesitate show the ultimate sign of disrespect for this symbol our strength as a nation.


I stood the line you have not seen.

I went to places you did not go.

I did it not for fame or fortune.

I did it for you!


You take the field in a game of chance, the chance to leave a winner where you reap the rewards of unheard of financial gain and instant facial recognition by adoring fans, because you choose to. You are simply entertainers, orchestrated athletes who run, dance and spin for the crowds. You are but the organ-grinder’s monkey.

You do not know or have felt the honor of a grateful nation. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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