Trump is Ruining Our Country



Trump is Ruining Our Country


Let me dive into this head first. I’ve listened as Democrats call him a crook, a cheat and a womanizer and worse. You forgot Trump was far worse than those things he was in fact a Democrat. You say Trump had his business handed to him on a platter. His dad built the business and son Donald simply exploited the business, by lying and cheating. You say his father bailed him out many times and yes to some extent I agree.


I’ve read about Trump’s early years and how his father taught him about life, business and as a disciplinary tool even sent him to military school to “straighten him out”. His father always came to visit him during the holidays. It was during this time when Trump’s primary instructor drilled into his students that winning was the only thing. Trump grasped that idea quickly and set that as his primary focus in life.


Never have I read that Trump’s father handed him anything. At the point in life when he took over the business, Trump began building up the Trump Empire by branding his name “Trump”. That was not necessarily what the father liked, but he didn’t interfere.


Trump did what many successful businessmen have done before and since, he gambled on ideas that didn’t always pan out. Some were successful and others not. Going bankrupt to the point of losing everything but somehow negotiating a deal out of it, wasn’t cheating, just getting the rules changed. Trump didn’t just get knocked down, but he got up fighting. That by my definition makes him a successful businessman. And remember Trump was the “darling” with the powerful, the rich and the famous, who wanted his money and/or his endorsement. The powerful and those groupies alike had to get their picture taken with “The Donald”. Those same people today are the very ones who turned against him once he became President.


But you obviously don’t know Trump any more than you know me. You believe what you read in the tabloids and through the fake news media, right? Oh and you know that I get all my information from Fox News, right?


Well I hate to break it to you but as they say, “You don’t know Jack”. All of your assumptions thus far have been without any factual basis. You don’t call Trump a Republican by claiming he doesn’t know what it means to be a conservative, right? That’s because Trump has been a Democrat all of his adult life and even the Republicans didn’t claim him as one of them.


When you call all Republicans Conservatives is like me calling all Democrats Liberals. So are you? For your information there are Conservatives AND Liberals on both parties and Trump is well he’s just Trump!


You say politicians have argued over fences since 2006 and that may be true, or it could have been going on quite a bit longer. You say politicians have poured a lot of money in trying to secure the border over the years. That also may be true. But I suspect the politicians have not been seriously considering border security at all, simply seeing how they can profit from it with pork barrel projects in their home states. That seems to have been the trigger behind virtually all legislation during our lifetime.


I like it when you call Trump’s wall stupid. It just shows me a little more about you. You Democrats call it unnecessary and costly and belittle Trump for saying he can build it cheaper. Again you call that stupid. In fact if it’s not stupid, it’s racist, it’s anti-American or some other catchy title. Lest you forget what Trump did almost immediately after being inaugurated, he canned the new Air Force One project because it was bloated and overpriced. Boeing came back with a huge price reduction to salvage an airplane that Trump will almost certainly never fly in because it won’t be ready for several years away. So I don’t doubt Trump when he says he can build the wall cheaper, because he won’t just talk about it, he will do it. And the Southern Border needs an effective wall, fence or barrier that is strengthened in certain areas and built across vast stretches of the border where penetration is difficult but enforcement is non-existent.


You give figures of billions of dollars approved for border security which you say Trump hasn’t used. Show me? There have been contracts bid over various types of border sections, and many miles have already been constructed or reinforced. We don’t see that in the news. Nobody talks about what has already been done, and when Trump “toots his own horn” he’s called a braggart.


Politicians like to do things which they personally profit from, and Trump has made it a point to donate his salary back into government agencies and programs, so as not to profit at all.


Trump says he can build a wall for $5B and unlike politicians who have no idea how to turn that into reality, the businessman in Trump has already turned ideas into reality over and over again. I have no idea that he will use every tool in his arsenal to get the job done, ahead of schedule and under budget because he has the experience to make it happen.


You have no problem stating that Trump is selling out his country and I say provide the proof? As President, Trump makes US foreign policy. He has gone around the world not kissing up as Obama did during his 8 years in office. Trump has made it clear that his policy is America First. He hasn’t made secret deals behind closed doors with our enemies. He has negotiated with foreign leaders, in the open to be transparent, and kept many of the details secret at the time.


So whether open or closed doors it’s the liberal media and their followers who try calling him out as a traitor which he is not. How else can someone account for the misrepresented details being leaked to the press, even before the lights have been turned out in the meeting room?


You say Trump obstructs justice or attempts to block DOJ investigations about him, name one? Tell me how the Mueller investigation even began? From made up source documents, paid for by Clinton and her foundation? Perpetuated by FBI leadership, of which Mueller had been a recent past director, with his “investigators” being connected to Clinton and Obama?


You say his past doesn’t bother his supporters. Be advised I speak for nobody but myself when I say that I’m not concerned so much as what Trump has said or done in the past. When it comes to the decisions he makes as president because my faith is not in him, but rather on what God is doing through him.


This may be something you either don’t want to hear or cannot comprehend, but Trump did not become president to tickle anybody’s ears. He came from a very tough background and is not afraid to say what he means and do what he says. He is not a politician and that’s one reason I voted for him and support him 100% thus far. His draining the swamp campaign rhetoric was not just an idle threat. Although many of us didn’t know there was a swamp, we did know that there is something fishy in Congress when you have lifetime legislators who seem to have a lock on the power in Congress. They’ve been in office because the voters feel obligated or misinformed enough to keep electing them and overlooking their selfish legislative decisions.


Take the wall, who was in the legislature in 2006 when the wall was reportedly being discussed for the first time? Many who are still in office, including then Senator Barack Obama and why did the wall not get built? Who was President? George W. Bush, so how much of the border wall was built during his presidency? How much of the money was spent? Where did the rest go? When Barack Obama became President, same questions, how much of the border wall was built during his presidency? How much of the money was spent? Where did the rest go? Why are we still talking about building a border wall anyway?


When did mass migration become an issue? Was it during the Bush, Obama or just the Trump Presidency? When did our border become so riddled with holes big enough for “caravans” to come across? When have foreign actors been so emboldened that they organize masses of immigrants into massive invasion forces?


It seems to me that rather than taking exception to President Trumps stand on national security in particular along the Southern Border, why are not legislators on both sides of the isle not up in arms upset that there is inadequate enforcement methods in place, to include a border wall, fence or barrier?


Keep in mind this is just my opinion, but those who oppose Trump do so just because they can. It has nothing to do with our national security or to make our nation better, safer or more secure. They are simply misguided patriots who are not patriots at all. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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