All Tractor but no Lawn

jd riding mower



All Tractor but no Lawn


While having lunch today with a friend our conversation got around to my telling him of a John Deere lawn tractor/mower I saw at a local Goodwill store several months back. I looked to be one that had seldom seen use. The price was a bit steep at $399.


As I stood beside it, looking it over like a driver looking at his race car, I could vision myself on 10+ acres of grass just mowing along while soaking up the sun. Then I remember using a small Montgomery Ward riding lawn mower on 8+ acres of church property. I’d go out every Saturday, fill the tank with the gas I brought from home. Then I’d go for hours, stopping occasionally to replace the belt that kept jumping off the pulley or refilling the gas tank.


Now I’m back to this JD at the Goodwill and I could see me doing the same thing only this time with a bigger, more powerful machine. It must be a man thing to be out in the sun, the smell of gasoline in the air and the aroma of fresh cut grass mixed with weeds.


The problems I’d have today are that I’d burn quickly in the sun and with the medications I take daily I could not go more than 20 – 30 minutes without having a porta-potty nearby and readily available. The other problem is that of a lawn. I do have a lawn that is at best a 20’ x 10’ rectangle that wouldn’t pay for a riding lawn mower. My front wheel drive self-propelled mower can handle the job in about 20 minutes, tops. Looking back maybe I should have bought it just to pull it out in the driveway and rub some polish or wax on it until that JD green and yellow really shined. What do you think? – The Real Truckmaster!


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