Writing can be Therepeutic

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Writing can be Therapeutic


I have wanted to be a writer for years but it seems like I couldn’t get past the first sentence before I’d give up and tear up the paper. Even when I began using a computer in the mid 1990’s I still couldn’t get a story going until early 2009, then the political situation in America changed with the inauguration of Barack Obama. Suddenly there were topics and subject matter galore and all one had to do was watch the news. But even that got old fast. I mean how can you watch “wonder man” save the day without the story of the Pied Piper coming to mind?


Then after the 2017 inauguration of Donald Trump the news correspondents seemed to be on steroids or something much stronger and we realize that jealousy is a powerful thing. Over the past 2 years there have been plenty to write about.


Remember the high school athletes in China, caught stealing sunglasses after a goodwill exhibition game and held by Chinese authorities until President Trump got them released and flown home to their families. Boy did the media have a field day with that one. Yup, media headlines “President Trump wants a Thank You from the boys for saving their behinds”.  The father of one young “star” called it “no big deal” like stealing is simply what they do in Los Angeles.


There were stories insinuating that Trump was too old to grasp the presidency. Many of them pushed upon us by legislators who’ve spent their entire adult lives as “public servants” spending more than 20+ years in Congress.


Then we had the “Little Rocketman” tweet that would surely put us in WWIII with the mighty North Koreans. The media went crazy and the president went to Singapore to the first ever face-to-face summit with a North Korean leader, Kim Jung Un. What transpired was the signing of a denuclearization treaty between the US and the DPRK. The negotiations were behind closed doors and congress fueled by the media acted like Trump gave away the family farm. There were calls to subpoena the handwritten notes of Trumps translator to find out what actually went down. Why not ask the president?


We’ve had the insurrection of congress by any and all means necessary under the guise of a “Resistance Movement”. Legislators on the left and on the right have actively sought to block any type of executive action by the Trump administration, to include enforcing the law of the land as defined by the Constitution.


We even had the accusations of “Russian Collusion” based on manufactured documents and investigated by many of the same “civil servants” who orchestrated the documents in the first place. It seems rather strange that even though collusion is not a crime, but trying to frame Trump is ok?


There have been the leftists tried and true sexual misconduct accusations which have worked on politicians in the past, but failed when launched against Trump. I find that interesting, don’t you? In the end the lawyer lost his position with his firm, the stripper was ordered to pay a substantial fee to Trump and it all faded into nothing in the end. It seems that the tail is once again wagging the dog as the ongoing attacks on Trump continue running up against the Trump wall.


That brings us to “The Wall” along our southern border with Mexico. We have been under orchestrated and financed attacks to national security by foreign powers and yet the leftist legislators in Congress blame the president for trying to push funding of a wall, barrier or fence (semantics) that would seriously deescalate the unlawful crossing of so many migrants who simply want to work in America. They go to great lengths, take unhealthy risks to life, limb and family for days on end and over 2,500 miles through Mexico while being coached to ask for asylum from a repressive regime.


We know these asylum requests are false, because they would have applied for asylum at the first country they came to after leaving their home country. They could have then applied at a US Consulate or Embassy to obtain legal access documents and began working to assimilate into our society. Instead they were either paid or got caught up in the spectacle of it all for what, a chance?


We have such homelessness and unemployment issues here in America that affects Veterans and all manner of our society. These are the issues we should be working on as a nation. Get rid of the sanctuary city, county and state mentality. Create real help to give a hand up, not just a hand out to the real needy in America. There are communities in America that have no electricity, running water or real functioning sanitation. Roads and highways are still muddy trails through Indian Reservations and they are simply being ignored. It is not the job of government to save our nation’s citizens. It is the responsibility of each of us to do our part to make OUR part of the planet a better place BECAUSE we lived in it.


I will say this, if the legislators in Congress spent ½ the time on helping Americans that it has spent on trashing our president our nation would be a much better place to live. Until that happens it is up to WE THE PEOPLE to send better representatives to the halls of Congress.


Isn’t it great when you have so many subjects to write about? – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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