Examining the Spoiled Child




Examining the Spoiled Child


I’m sure everyone knows someone with two children. One is a saint, the other is not. The (grand) parent(s) have taught them to be polite and treat everyone with respect. They have clothes to wear and shoes on their feet. Every morning starts off with breakfast. Each day has a lunch (sack or hot). Each evening its dinner at the table and giving thanks unto God for his many blessings. If this seems a lot like the Cleaver family of my generation, or the Reagan family on TV’s Blue Bloods, maybe it is. Or maybe it’s the way it is supposed to be in a perfect world.


However we don’t live in a perfect world. It’s been said by professionals that a baby has developed it’s personality by the time it is 6 months old. I think it’s much sooner than that. Think about it. When the baby comes home from the hospital we try to be prepared. If it’s our first child we find that we’re not at all prepared. We need formula, diapers, wipes and Johnson’s baby powder for starters. There are clothes, a crib, a car seat and a bassinet and that cute baby blanket (they end up keeping it through their teens).


When the baby is fussy or cries what does it really mean, hungry, wet, sleepy or what? We tend to figure that out pretty quick don’t we? There will be a certain tone or sense of urgency that we come to recognize. By the second child it’s old hat already. As the child grows there are toys to get, more clothes and diapers to buy and the journey of life has begun its trek toward childhood, teens and adulthood.


This is when discipline can become an issue. You lay down the law and demand compliance. Punishment is fair and tailored to the infraction and the child. Then it becomes unnecessary as the child sees that doing the right thing is its own reward, parents are proud that the child is learning.


On the other hand the other child just doesn’t get it. They choose not to comply. Punishment doesn’t work. They seem to get into trouble all the time. But why, what causes one child to move forward in life and become a wholesome model while another becomes a holy terror? Is it jealousy, neglect or the perception of either or both or something else?


The same is true of American politics. America is the parent. The law is layed down by the Constitution. Enforcement is done through the Executive Branch; adjustments to the law are made by the Legislative Branch; and arbitration of major infractions come before the Judicial Branch and in the Supreme Court.


Within the Legislative Branch come the children (there can be 2 or more). One is the Republican child. The other is the Democratic child and for the sake of this article these are the two major political players of our lifetime.


The Republican child sees the Constitution as a strict guideline to be followed at all times. It is based upon godly principles and disagreements are means for discussion and compromise to reach a viable solution.


The Democratic child sees the Constitution as being outdated and a hindrance that prevents many things that may look good on the surface. Disagreements are not handled well and normally lead to name calling (intimidation), verbal and physical threats and compromise is my way or the highway. As with real children shouting down someone, name calling and racial slurs have become the norm and many times lead to threats of violence and even death.


I’m not saying all Democrats act in the above manner. What I am saying is that many times when Democrats get into power or as a public servant they have a tainted vision of who they are or what they set out to accomplish. This is particularly true if they have no other work experience after graduating from a college or university with that illusionary degree in criminal justice, law or political science. The same can happen to anyone from any political party who allows them to be overtly influenced by political power brokers above them.


Take a look at the state of cities, counties or states that are controlled by Democratic politicians (governors, legislators and attorney generals). Take Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, St Louis, or San Francisco. Each of these is in democratically controlled states, with Democrats in office at city or county levels too. There are restrictive gun control laws and regulations that do not address how to prevent criminal elements (gangs) and law breakers from being freely able to commit crimes of violence and murder. Many of these cities have become sanctuary cities with homelessness running rampant in neighborhoods that have literally dropped off the maps. Litter, feces and filth are in abundance everywhere. Rather than actively seeking solutions the Democratic leadership would rather cast stones elsewhere and ignore that is going on in their own backyards. Residents are not and do not feel safe as the hands of law enforcement have been bound behind their backs.


I’m not saying it isn’t happening in predominantly Republican neighborhoods, but anytime politicians use citizens as political ploys while restricting the enforcement of US laws the result is the same. Anarchists know it is difficult to bring down big government, but targeting an individual who represents big government can eventually be successful.


The face of the United States is the president, and in this case it’s President Donald J. Trump. There is an all-out effort to obstruct the Trump presidency and force the president out of office. This effort is largely supported by Democrats in Congress and through the misinformation of the main stream media a segment of our society has followed this misguided effort.


The nature of the checks and balances in place with our Constitutional-Republic prevent an out of control federal government and to keep it accountable to We the People. It is the commitment of patriotic American citizens nationwide to insure the protection and defense of the Constitution of the United States.


The time is now for Americans to stop coddling to the political whims of the Democratic spoiled child mentality. Contact your US Congress members and demand that they get back to the business of legislating FOR the American people. Call Speaker Pelosi – (202) 225-4965, Senator Schumer – (202) 224-6542. – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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