On the Special Counsel Mueller Investigation – Russian Collusion



On the Special Counsel Mueller Investigation – Russian Collusion


You knew it was coming and I wouldn’t want to disappoint anybody at this point as the investigation has been going on for more than 2 years at a tremendous cost to US taxpayers. Today Special Counsel Robert Mueller turned over to Attorney General Barr his full and completed investigative report.


Although it may take several days before the report is made public I have it from a reliable and unnamed source that no collusion has been found between then Candidate Trump and any of his campaign staff. In fact it should be noted that even though none was found, the obvious question if collusion in itself is not even a crime, why bother in the first place?


The next questions may be what about the former campaign staff members who pleaded guilty of lying to the FBI, the DOJ and to the Vice President of the United States? They have been sentenced for offenses unrelated to the initial charge of Trump Campaign and Russian Operatives Colluding to impact the 2016 and prevent shoe-in Hillary Clinton from obtaining the golden key to the White House (she may still have her old one).


Will President Trump conduct a blanket pardon of those who worked closely with the President during the campaign and/or during the initial 100 days of his administration?


Another serious question is whether the US Attorney General or any other government or private agency or organization sue the AG’s office to reclaim funds spent in this reckless pursuit of a sitting President?


Finally will foxes in the wild sue Fox News for defaming foxes with their shameless turn away from reporting actual truth as it appears in the news?


The moral is that a hunt for witches without knowing where they hide turns into a big fat Nothing Burger, a prelude to the 2020 Presidential Campaign season’s carnival acts of the Democratic Party. – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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