What Are You Known For?



What Are You Known For?


People are judging you by the car you drive, the words you say, the way you dress and the way you carry yourself.


If that is true that you are being judged by the clothes you wear, what do people see when they see you? It’s been said that there’s no way to erase a first impression. Oh a judge can order the jurors to disregard that last comment and tell the stenographer to strike that last remark. But the damage has already been done. The same is true with the clothes we wear. If I’m lounging around in the comfort of my home, I might don shorts, a t-shirt and some flip flops. I’m not bothered by people seeing me. If I’m going to mow the lawn I will put on some shoes (don’t want to lose my flip flops under the mower).


Sometimes is fun to go to “Wally World”, grab a cup of coffee and find a nice comfortable seat and watch people. One day I thought I was dreaming because I was walking the isle and almost got run over by a tiny little old lady in her housecoat (robe), her hair in curlers and wearing those fuzzy slippers.


Another time I watched as people strolled through the store with their pet, leashed or unleashed unless it’s clearly labeled as a handicap assist pet and I’m not in Pet Smart it’s not appropriate. When the dog needs to relieve itself does someone need to step in something before it gets cleaned up, the owners are not even thinking of others. Sometimes the pet is in a shopping cart, but that’s not cool either, what about the next customer grabbing that cart and having something dripping onto their clothes or worse?


It’s even fun to watch people in church. You can see who’s a huge sports fan or what superhero is their favorite even what farm implement they prefer, just by their attire. I like to kid and one time I referred to Barry as Batman and he just didn’t get it? Another time I greeted Bill as John Deere well he got it and broke out with that huge grin.  Sometimes you need a “system” for remembering people’s names and I like hats.


I was traveling through the airport one time and I took all the stuff out of my pockets, put it in the bin and took off my belt, shoes and even placed my Veterans hat in the bin too. The TSA agent stopped me and said “Put that had back on!” He said it rather forcefully and followed up with, “You’re a Veteran and you should be proud of that hat!” I told him I was a Veteran and very proud of that hat but I can’t run like I used to and didn’t want him trying to tackle me for not giving up the hat first.


While in the military I’d gotten stationed in a variety of foreign countries. Sometimes I would to look for a t-shirt with foreign writing on it to sort of validate my having been there. In Japan I saw t-shirts in a department store in Yokohama that had sayings in English. One of the comical ones said “PREPARE TO MEET THY GOD” in perfect English. I wondered if they even knew what it meant or cared?


You have to be careful because without knowing the other host country’s language you could be embarrassed by wearing a shirt that said something like, “I’m proud to be a moron” or much worse as a mistranslation can be really cruel.


Things in America have really taken a turn for the worse because of a catchy red hat and four simple letters “MAGA”. It’s not what the letters stand for, but who coined the MAGA and adopted a red hat as the vehicle, yet red is not the only color it comes in either. Those who either don’t have one or don’t have the guts to wear it if they had it are the first ones to harass the wearer and conduct themselves in often most despicable ways.


The bible gives up clear guidance as this verse in the Gospel of John where Jesus said “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:35 English Standard Version (ESV)


Does it matter what kind of car you drive or if you even have a car? What about your clothes? Do the words you speak and the way you carry yourself show Jesus to others or do others just see you instead?


What are you known for? – I am the Real Truckmaster!





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