Take the 2020 Political Challenge



Take the 2020 Political Challenge


Let me ask a serious question?


What political candidate do you feel has YOUR best interests at heart?

  1. A Democratic Party candidate with a platform on lower voting age to 16; stacking 2 more seats on the SCOTUS; abortions for anyone at any time before or after birth; eliminating the Electoral College; giving Social Security payments to illegal immigrants; more and higher taxes on corporations and individuals who are successful; legalizing prostitution between consenting adults; guaranteeing a free check, food, medical, education and housing to illegals and those who don’t WANT to work; taking away the right to own guns; allowing illegal immigrants to vote; doing away with the Constitution and opening up the border to ANYONE without question?
  2. A Republican/Independent candidate who will give voters a choice?
  3. The Republican Party candidate and current President of the United States with a platform of Making America Great Again and Draining the Swamp?


If you have trouble making up your mind prior to the 2020 election focus your eyes on Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma) and a handful of other countries caught in the death throes of Socialism, Democratic Socialism or Communism?


Out of all the nations of the world, name one that is similarly close to the Constitutional-Republic form of government of the United States of America?


Name one other nation where people come seeking a better way of life for themselves and their families?


Name any nation on earth where you are free to pursue your ambitions, endeavors and live as you please without pledging full faith and allegiance to that nation above all others?


Where on earth are you constitutionally free to speak your mind about the government or its leader without being thrown in prison, tortured or killed?


In case you named one I urge you to go there for a trial run (like you do with a sexual partner without committing first to marriage) and stay there for one full year. If at the end of one year you are not eager to return home rest assured you ARE what is wrong with this country. – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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