Liberal Left in Denial Mode Again



Liberal Left in Denial Mode Again


I’m trying to cut out all media news sources as many of them still do not get it. In fact they jump on a story for its sensationalism and bury it when it no longer suits their purposes.


Tonight I turned on the TV for a short time and what I saw was nothing more than Congressional Democrats beating up President Trump because of the southern border crisis – again. All the talking heads were belittling the President while saying it would be wrong for him to shut down the border. It would hurt all the women and children fleeing oppression. Even with their legislative experience they couldn’t be more wrong.


There is a huge difference between refugees, migrants and illegal immigration. Refugees fleeing oppression can make their plea in the first nation they come too. They make their case for refugee status with that host nation, or proceed to another embassy where they can formally apply at an embassy or consulate. It doesn’t even have to be a United States Embassy either. Anyone singled out for religious or political beliefs should take every opportunity to go where they are free to live a productive life and raise their families without fear.


What we are seeing are not refugees, but an organized invasion of migrants targeting the United States in an attempt to degrade the sovereignty and national security of our nation. You need only to see how it is promoted on US media outlets. We constantly hear “A caravan is being organized in Nicaragua or elsewhere and it already as 20,000 participants ready to come north to the US border.”


That headline is nothing more than a scare tactic to strike fear in the hearts of local residents. The media goes even further citing that closing the border will hurt US consumers because all the avocadoes consumed in the US come from Mexico. Nice try!


President Trump has the right idea and the Constitutional authority as President to close any or all of the border entry points until such time as border patrol officials are able to process migrants for entry into the United States.


What happened to the DOD activating National Guard and Reserve units along the border? Several Democratic state governors have decided to pull their troops back home. That’s too bad because now DOD and state officials have to decide if activation of reserve troops or re-activation of state NG forces will get the job done, or does the President need to activate federal troops as an armed barrier to repel this organized and well-orchestrated invasion force?


There is another option which I have suggested several years ago. It calls for the acquisition of Mexico and recognizing it as “Old Mexico” and making it our 51st state of the union. It would therefore eliminate the need for a southern border wall, as the one separating Mexico and Guatemala would do fine. The Mexican President would become the governor and federal troops would then become Old Mexico National Guard troops. Remember the Alamo! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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