Hidden Agenda Exposed




Hidden Agenda Exposed



This is a look into the political life of one of America’s newest legislators Representative Ilhan Omar – Democrat, 5th Congressional District of Minnesota. Omar was born in Raas Cabaad (Mogadishu), Somalia on October 4, 1981, entered the US in 1992 and applied for asylum in 1995 as a Somali refugee. Omar became a naturalized US citizen in 2000, and was elected Representative in the Minnesota State Legislature in 2012. Omar was then elected to the US House of Representatives in 2018 and sworn in on January 3, 2019 becoming the first Somali-American Muslim woman elected to the US Congress. I speculate about her rapid rise into the Congress of the United States much the same way that former President Barack Hussain Obama entered and rose to power on the American political scene.



From Wikipedia on Rep. Ilhan Omar:


A member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Omar has advocated for a living wage, affordable housing and healthcare, student loan debt forgiveness, the protection of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, and abolishing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). She has strongly opposed the immigration policies of the Donald Trump administration, including the Trump travel ban. A frequent critic of Israel, Omar has denounced its settlement policy and military campaigns in the occupied Palestinian territories, and what she describes as the influence of pro-Israel lobbies such as AIPAC.


Political positions


Omar supports free tuition for college students and greater accessibility to student loan forgiveness programs,[54] Medicare for All as proposed in the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act,[10][55] in favor of the abolition of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency,[56] prosecuting federal officials who have been accused of physical and sexual assault of people in their detention,[57] protection of sanctuary cities and a path to permanent status for DREAMers and their families,[56] opposes efforts to seal the border.


Omar has been critical of U.S. foreign policy and called to reduce funding for “perpetual war and military aggression”,[61] has criticized Saudi Arabia‘s human rights abuses and the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen.[66][67]


In a Washington Post op-ed, Omar wrote, “Our criticisms of oppression and regional instability caused by Iran are not legitimate if we do not hold Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain to the same standards. And we cannot continue to turn a blind eye to repression in Saudi Arabia—a country that is consistently ranked among the worst of the worst human rights offenders.”[63] She also condemned the Assad regime in Syria.[69]


Regarding Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, a far-right politician criticized for misogynistic, homophobic, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim views. Omar has voiced support for a two-state solution to resolve the Israeli–Palestinian conflict.[68][63] She criticized Israel’s settlement building in the occupied Palestinian territories in the West Bank.[77] Omar was endorsed in 2018 by the Human Rights Campaign, a major LGBT civil rights advocacy group. In response to the endorsement, Omar stated, “I will fight for LGBTQIA+ rights in Washington D.C.”[95]


Omar supports a $15 hourly minimum wage.[96][10]


In January 2019, amid the 2019 Venezuelan presidential crisis, Omar joined Democrats in denouncing the Trump administration’s decision to recognize Juan Guaidó, the president of the Venezuelan National Assembly, as Venezuela’s interim president.[97] In February 2019 Omar questioned whether Elliott Abrams, whom Trump appointed as Special Representative for Venezuela in January 2019.



According to her official website:


Rep. Omar is an experienced Twin Cities [Minneapolis] policy analyst, organizer and public speaker and advocate. She is the first woman of color to represent Minnesota, and one of the first two Muslim-American women elected to Congress.


Rep. Omar plans to focus on tackling many issues….like investing in education and freeing students from the shackles of debt, ensuring a fair wage for a hard day’s work, creating a just immigration system and tackling the existential threat of climate change. She plans to resist attempts to divide us and push destructive policies that chip away at our rights and freedoms – and to build a more inclusive and compassionate culture, one that will allow our economy to flourish and encourage more Americans to participate in our democracy.


Rep. Omar was born in Somalia, and her family fled the country’s civil war when she was eight. The family spent four years in a refugee camp in Kenya before coming to the United States in the 1990s. In 1997 she moved to Minneapolis with her family. As a teenager her grandfather inspired her to get involved in politics. Before running for office she worked as a community educator at the University of Minnesota, was a Policy Fellow at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and served as a Senior Policy Aide for the Minneapolis City Council.


In 2016 she was elected as the Minnesota House Representative for District 60B, making her the highest-elected Somali-American public official in the United States and the first Somali-American State Legislator. Rep. Omar served as the Assistant Minority Leader, with assignments to three house committees: Civil Law & Data Practices Policy, Higher Education & Career Readiness Policy and Finance, and State Government Finance. Her home is in Minneapolis with her husband and three children.


It’s important to note the grooming she has had during her relatively short residency in the United States and how quickly she has fully grasps the Democratic ideology. Her focus since 2016 into the Minnesota state legislature and her rise in 2019 to the US House of Representatives although impressive should send red flags in all directions for all Americans. Omar may see herself as a pioneer of minority women in politics. I however see her positioning herself to replace House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the very near political future.


I question her intentions and her allegiance to the United States of America. I have not heard her acknowledge or affirm her oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Based upon her political views I do consider her a very real threat to the sovereignty of this country. She has opposed virtually every policy that enhances the American people she represents and openly supports what amounts to open immigration that would reduce the Constitutional-Republic status of the United States into a sanctuary nation.


I submit to you that a nation without borders, an established rule of law or national identity is not a nation at all and legislators who choose resistance rather than problem solving legislation are not legislators at all. What this country needs are patriots with a passion for building up America without bankrupting its citizens or forcing them into slave labor through intimidation and fear tactics.


Historically democratic or social-democratic governments strip away human dignity and divert important and necessary resources away from their intended recipients and end up propping up dictators and enhancing their personal finances. Look at financial aid freely given and sent to nations in distress due to disasters and conflicts, many times the aid sits in warehouses and doled out for financial gain at many levels.


The same can be said here in the United States, democratically controlled states, counties, cities and municipalities are the leaders in personal loss of liberty and freedom of its citizens while crime levels rise and the only way seen to remedy is increase taxes, restrict personal rights and demand re-election. This ought not to be. Although not perfect, the United States of America is by far the greatest nation on earth by design. Like any chain or architectural pillar it is only as strong as its weakest link or weakest foundational point. If you are not working to become the solution, you are most likely the problem! – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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