Jaded – How Did We Get This Way?



Jaded – How Did We Get This Way?


I’m reminded of the story of the lobster in the pot of water placed over a fire. At first the water becomes warm and comfortable. Before long it starts to get quite warm and then as the temperature reaches the boiling point the lobster is past the point of caring until he’s well done.


When I was born Ike was President and Nixon was the Vice President. Both were World War II veterans and America had just come out of a world war and then the Korean War irrupted. They call that the forgotten war because nobody talked about it when they came home.


I was in junior high when Kennedy was elected and assassinated. As I graduated high school our troops had been in Vietnam and coverage of the war was on televisions across the nation and around the world.


We called it the Vietnam War; the Vietnamese called it the American War and history called it the Second Indochina Conflict. Our government sent us to stop the dominoes from falling in Southeast Asia; Hollywood elites made publicity stints into the camps of our enemies and our media stoked the fires of division and hate. Our troops became public enemy #1; called baby killers and distained by the so called educated who distanced themselves from military service. Our Congress ended military funding of the war and our allies suffered greatly as they were defeated by shear overwhelming odds.


In the years that followed our military has been over-taxed around the world by wars and rumors of wars. Those who chastised us upon return from war became the finishing school indoctrinators, tenured college professors and university deans and the shaming of America continues. Protestors of yesteryear became state and national legislators and even a president.


Our country has been attacked overseas and at home and yet our congress lacks the ability or the will to place the American people’s safety and security first. It seems that their only priority is no priorities. They have become mired down in the muddy swamp of political correctness and all that matters to some are power and control over the American people at any cost.


It stands to reason that one doesn’t look to a student to bring about substantive change especially when there is no vision or series of goals to measure accomplishment. It takes an electrician to run electrical wiring to meet code; it takes a mason to properly set concrete; and it takes a builder to build a house that will withstand the elements and the forces of nature. It is desired that a trained paramedic or firefighter show up at the scene of an accident or injury or a police officer stop a robbery.


There are legislators who were elected into political office when John Kennedy was president, have spent their entire lifetime on the public dole and have watched this political pot come to a boil without anything substantive coming out of their work. The have accumulated power and prestige and in many cases a sizable financial bankroll, but cannot close loopholes or fix problems inherent to our current immigration problems. If they are looking into a tunnel, they cannot see any light at the other end and now want us to believe they are the answer?


President Donald Trump has stepped up to the plate, not because he needed anything the Oval Office had to offer, but because he loves America and saw that a change in direction was required to save the nation from destruction. His priority has been to American citizens. His vision has been relentless. He knows how to get results and failure is not an option. America has been given a second chance at restoring prosperity and leadership. Jobs are plentiful and corporations have returned to American soil. Our standing in world affairs has improved dramatically as world leaders know what to expect with President Trump. What exactly is your problem with Trump, his direct straight from the heart talk that hurt your feelings? Maybe he threatened to take away your favorite toy?


There are so many failed politicians who really do think they are all that and a bag of chips. They think because Trump did it, they can do it better. They think because they are qualified they are therefore the best choice for America. They are not.


I have looked through the list of presidential candidates for the upcoming 2020 election and some are running just to be running. Others are going to give it their best shot against Trump. Still others are in the race because they can. I have not seen, heard or read one single candidate who has the experience, fortitude or vision or can even articulate a viable plan for a better America; not one!


We have become so jaded that we believe everything we hear, see or read. What I have heard is Stop Trump; free stuff & vote for me! That’s it.


Everything else is just rambling, higher taxes – who wants to pay more taxes? Socialism – who doesn’t see Venezuela failing before your eyes? Climate Change – The climate changes constantly, but nothing even radical will keep it from naturally changing. Trying to link Women’s rights to justify abortion – is ludicrous. Murdering a child in the womb or after birth is still Murder.


No person has the right to end the life of another, for convenience or any other reason. Even in instances of rape or unplanned sex. The only protected sex is NO SEX until after marriage between a man and a woman.  God creates life and every life has a purpose. – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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