Happy Independence Day




Happy Independence Day


July 4th, 1776 is a great milestone in our nation’s history. It is the beginning of a new adventure where men and women joined together in promoting the idea of Freedom with a new form of government – a one of a kind, a Constitutional-Republic.


Many American’s today do not understand and take our way of life for granted. The “Me” Generation has been handed everything on a silver platter. Young people of today are content to live in mommy’s basement or with grandma because life’s too hard out there. They are the “Fast Food” generation and too often look to work where they like to eat because it’s fast and easy. They make minimum wage and are content just to complain about having to work there, but take no steps or initiative to better them while facing an industry shifting technology over to replace them. They have become “continual students” racking up student loans while taking college courses that offer no viable path to employment and/or freedom to create their own way in the world. To them this day is just like every other and it sucks to be them. Oh this is not your typical Happy 4th of July letter? I’m sorry but for those stuck in that rut and going to that dead-end job with nothing to look forward to – do something about it! Get outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself to be the best that you can be.


Over the years life has been hard in America. Men and women have fought and died so that liberty and freedom could survive, so that you might have the choices you now have today. You don’t have to cross the border or go to a foreign country to see the hopelessness of people living in deplorable conditions. Thanks to the political climate of today many cities have condoned open slums without sanitation. They have allowed the human condition of other countries to take over in American cities, yet nobody seems to care. We have been conditioned to the homeless population among us so much so that until we become homeless ourselves we simply turn away. We have entire populations living on reservations with little to no help of improvement. Shame on us, on America, on the people who simply want to complain and do nothing, America deserves better!


Today is July 4th, 2019 it is the anniversary of our nations beginning and independence from the tyranny of others. It is a day to proudly display our nation’s flag, stand to our National Anthem and do what Americans are famous for – Helping our fellow man without regard for skin color, ethnic background or national origin.


If you are not proud to be an American maybe it’s time for you to relocate to a land far, far away – just follow the yellow brick road into the land of Oz……… I am the Real Truckmaster!




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