Addressing The Subject of the Tweets



Addressing The Subject of the Tweets


Sometimes things just about settle down to a dull roar and it looks like a lull has been reached, then someone says or does something that is disrespectful, anti-Israel or plan un-American and that’s when the defecation hits the rotating oscillator so to speak.


Many times people who know better, those in authority, politics or just plain letting off steam place their brains into neutral and engage their mouth or in many cases their keyboard. The upcoming 2020 Presidential Election season is upon us and 26+ Democrats want us to believe that THEY ARE THE ONE. Yup they alone are solely going to stop President Trump from administering his agenda and even prevent him single-handedly from being reelected.


Presidential hopefuls are going to stop Trump by raising taxes (that’s a first); by lowering the voting age to 16 (that’s a hoot); by abolishing ICE and making it a crime to enforce US immigration laws (you can’t make this stuff up fast enough).


At the same time newly elected members of Congress are plotting AGAINST the US, some by sending their “aids” to aid and assist unlawful crossings into the US, one US Senator actually escorted 5 illegal migrants into the US to thwart CBP officials (he should know that’s a crime, right)?


While our soldiers fight and die for the United States in the name of freedom, our US National sports team members stomp on our flag, disrespect our nation and what it stands for and “demonstrators” (organized and financed Antifa goons) go even further by fire-bombing an ICE detention facility in Tacoma, Washington (dying in the process).


In Denver, Colorado Antifa criminals tore down, defaced and posted a desecrated flag upside down, next to the Mexican flag at another ICE facility. Neither are condemned by the liberal Congress or reported correctly in the fake news media. The mayor of Denver had the police actually watch and do nothing.   The former Governor of Colorado defended this unlawful action as freedom of speech. Try doing that in front of a US veteran and see how that turns out.


Newly elected officials advocate for Al Qaida, Palestine and to decriminalize illegal crossings all together. They are so blatant in their declarations of war on the US government and what does Congress do? They decide that President Trump’s tweets of “If you’re not happy here, go back where you came from and fix things there instead of complaining about what’s happening in the USA” (paraphrased).


So it seems that “if you’re not happy go somewhere else” is racist, while advocating for Palestine and down with Israel” is not?  What a crazy box of coco puffs we’ve opened in Congress? I don’t know about you but I’ve just about had it with the craziness in Congress.


Legislators in Congress remind me of frogs in a pot, slowly heating the water until it begins to boil and they are all done. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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