Alleged Corruption in Congress




Like many others I have often thought that if there were proof of corruption of members of the House or Senate there should be an immediate investigation into the matter and all parties involved should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I still think that way.


When I saw this article and began reading I saw many recognizable names and wondered what has kept this out of the news and why are they not in jail? Then I went back and read the date of the article, less than 1 month after President Trump’s inauguration. If true there is lots of meat to chew on and I don’t think the President would waste any effort unless he was sure of the validity of this article. I could be fake news right? In any case the Liberal Left Democrats and their lackey’s in the MSM have been constantly attacking President Trump for almost 3 years now and there have been a number of cabinet changes that have taken place including the Attorney General Jeff Sessions. His replacement Bill Barr has been rather busy doing what an Attorney General is supposed to be doing, straightening out some of the crooked lines that have developed within the DOJ, entertaining Congressional Committees and conferring with the President of the United States.


The allegations are that George Soros through his foundation and non-profits have bought a number of members of both the House and Senate for a petty sum, unless he “donated” to their election/re-election campaigns. The article does not give specifics, dates, payment amounts or anything critical that could be confirmed, only denied at this point. Should these allegations be found to have merit, there will be a lot of head rolling with 3 former Senators or Representatives and 2 former Governors and 1 Deceased Senator – leaving 51 possible impeachments (preventing them from serving elected office).


List of George Soros Politicians ‘Bought and Paid For’ Includes Republicans

February 6, 2017 – Jim-Kouri posted on


CLINTON, HILLARY (D-NY)    FORMER              SENATE                                                $22,400

LOWEY, NITA M. (D-NY)        (CBC)                     HOUSE                                  $15,800

FEINGOLD, RUSS (D-WI)                                       SENATE                                                $13,500

KANDER, JASON (D-MO)                                      SENATE                                                $11,100

BENNET, MICHAEL F (D-CO)                                                SENATE                                                $10,800

DUCKWORTH, TAMMY (D-IL)                              HOUSE                                  $10,800

HASSAN, MAGGIE (D-NH)                                    SENATE                                                $10,800

MCGINTY, KATIE (D-PA)                                        SENATE                                                $10,800

RYAN, PAUL (R-WI)                 FORMER                              SENATE                                                $10,800

SCHUMER, CHARLES E (D-NY) MIN SPKR        SENATE                                                $10,800

TEACHOUT, ZEPHYR (D-NY)                                 HOUSE                                  $10,800

BLUMENTHAL, RICHARD (D-CT)                         SENATE                                                 $8,100

MALONEY, SEAN PATRICK (D-NY)                     HOUSE                                    $8,100

THRONE-HOLST, ANNA (D-NY)                           HOUSE                                    $8,100

ELLISON, KEITH (D-MN) (FORMER CBC)          HOUSE                                    $5,400

HARRIS, KAMALA D (D-CA) (CBC)                     SENATE                                                  $5,400

LEAHY, PATRICK (D-VT)                                         SENATE                                                  $5,400

MASTO, CATHERINE CORTEZ (D-NV)                               SENATE                                                  $5,400

MURPHY, PATRICK (D-FL)                                     HOUSE                                    $5,400

ROSS, DEBORAH (D-NC)                                        SENATE                                                  $5,400

STRICKLAND. TED (D-OH)                                     SENATE                                                  $5,400

NADLER, JERROLD (D-NY)                                     HOUSE                                    $5,200

KAINE, TIM (D-VA)                                                  SENATE                                                  $3,700

GRAHAM, LINDSEY (R-SC)                                    SENATE                                                  $3,500

APPLEGATE, DOUGLAS L (D-CA)                        HOUSE                                    $2,700

BUSH, JEB (R-FL)       FORMER GOV FL                                                                $2,700

CAFORIO, BRYAN (D-CA)                                      HOUSE                                    $2,700

CARROLL, MORGAN (D-CA)                                 HOUSE                                    $2,700

CRIST, CHARLIE (D-FL)                                            HOUSE                                    $2,700

DERRICK, MIKE (D-NY)                                           HOUSE                                    $2,700

HARTMAN, CHRISTINA (D-PA)                           HOUSE                                    $2,700

KASICH, JOHN (R)    GOVERNOR OHIO                                                              $2,700

KIHUEN, RUBEN (D-NY)                                         HOUSE                                    $2,700

MOWRER, JIM (D-IA)                                             HOUSE                                    $2,700

MURRAY, PATTY (D-WA)                                      SENATE                                                  $2,700

MYERS, KIM (D-NY)                                                 HOUSE                                    $2,700

RUBIO, MARCO (R-FL)                                           SENATE                                                  $2,700

SANTARSIERO, STEVE (D-PA)                              HOUSE                                    $2,700

SHEA-PORTER, CAROL (D-NH)                            HOUSE                                    $2,700

VERNON, MONICA (D-IA)                                    HOUSE                                    $2,700

BOEHNER, JOHN (R-OH)      FORMER SPKR     HOUSE                                    $2,600

ENGEL, ELIOT L (D-NY)           (CBC)                     HOUSE                                    $2,500

HECK, JOE (R-NV)                                                     HOUSE                                    $2,500

LIEU, TED (D-CA)                                                      HOUSE                                    $2,500

MCCAIN, JOHN (R-AZ) DECEASED                     SENATE                                                  $2,500

MENG, GRACE (D-NY)                                            HOUSE                                    $2,500

ROYCE, ED (R-CA)                                                     HOUSE                                    $2,500

ADAMS, ALMA (D-NC)           (CBC)                     HOUSE                                    $1,000

BECERRA, XAVIER (D-CA)                                      HOUSE                                    $1,000

COLEMAN, BONNIE (D-NJ) (CBC)                     HOUSE                                    $1,000

GRASSLEY, CHUCK (R-IA)                                      SENATE                                                  $1,000

JOHNSON, RON (R-WI)                                          SENATE                                                  $1,000

RODGERS, CATHY MCMORRIS (R-WA)            HOUSE                                    $1,000

VAN HOLLEN, CHRIS (D-MD)                                               HOUSE                                    $1,000

WILLIAMS, CLYDE (D-NY)                                      HOUSE                                    $1,000

CANOVA, TIM (D-FL)                                              HOUSE                                       $500

DONOVAN, DAN (R-NY)                                        HOUSE                                       $500


Remember that under the Rule of Law everyone is assumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law before a jury of their peers. So how does one find a 12 –man jury of crooked politicians to conduct 51 individual criminal cases? In the meantime this is food for thought – What If? – I’m the Real Truckmaster!


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