The Counter Puncher




The Counter Puncher


I know you’re going to say this is nonsense but I couldn’t help thinking about whenever President Trump tweets regardless of the subject matter some hot shot up and coming wanna be comedian or self-rising star of a politician will immediate try their hand at standup comedy in an attempt to swat the fly off the nose of Donald J. Trump. It almost always doesn’t go well for them.


Take for example the president’s tweet about professional sports players kneeling during the national anthem should be fired. That should be a given when someone disrespects the National Anthem, the Flag, the President or the United States. If as they say we were under a dictatorship, there would have been public executions a long time ago for doing any of those things.


What happened was widespread outcry not at the disrespectful behavior of Kapernick and others. It was public outcry of the vocal minority who were offended that the President would tweet such a thing. You know fire our sports “heroes” who make a whole lot more money chasing the pigskin around a grassy field of green.


That has blossomed into what it is 2 years later when a United States National Woman’s Soccer Team Captain during the awards portion of an international playoff, dropped the US Flag to walk on it before using a profanity laced tyrannical rant cussing out President Trump (while “representing” the USA) to a shocked and televised live before an international crowd.


Were any of these outrageous acts of disobedience met with disciplinary action by the Corporations these teams represent? Were any of the offending players fired? Has anyone been held accountable for their actions? The answer in each case is NO (although Kapernick claims that his contract wasn’t renewed because of Trump).


Almost immediately and without ceasing comedian Kathy Griffin began taunting the president before a televised crowd with what was representing the bloody severed head of Trump and calling that freedom of speech. She has sense blamed Trump on making her not funny anymore? Go figure!


There are many other examples where President Trump has fired off a tweet, no pun intended, telling James Comey and others “You’re Fired” which is his Constitutional Authority as President. And when he revokes their security clearance they blame him for unfairly punishing them.


Many high-profile politicians have attacked the president only to have him tweet a new moniker for them like: Sleepy Joe Biden, AOC +3, Crooked Hillary, and most recently Elijah King of Baltimore. Every time they bring forth their best shot, Trump counter punches back and with a vengeance and fury.


Some have called that un-presidential, but guess what that behavior is very much who Trump is as an individual and who he has become as President. I suspect over the next 6 years we’ll see and hear more of that coming from those on the left as President Trump lets them have it with his 12-guage twitter account. I look forward to the future as lifetime politicians have run up against a lifetime fighter who counter-punches beyond these street smart politicians. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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