Case of Mistaken Identity




Case of Mistaken Identity


I thought it appropriate to start off the new month of May with stories of mistaken identity. People have a tendency to look at you and say you look just like your mom or dad while some think you are an actor or somebody important. Let me say right up front that you are somebody important. God created only 1 of you and nobody else will do. I personally have never been mistaken for a movie star or a famous public figure but I have been mistaken as to who I really was and looks can be deceiving.


In my senior year of high school I went to school with my Uncle Gary. When asked if we were related (we were both the same age and seniors) they always thought we were cousins. I don’t know that I ever got that point across?


While in the Army stationed in Colorado I had taken a trip to Idaho to go hunting with the folks. I followed them as we wound up, around and through the mountains in Idaho arriving at the campsite just as it was getting dark. My brother Jess had stepped out to talk with the folks and I guess I had run a bit behind. As I approached the van stopped in the middle of the road Jess saw me coming and told dad to pull over so this pickup could get by. I was military and carried Idaho plates so he didn’t recognize me or my vehicle. Dad said that’s just your brother Joe behind us.


There was the time when I came to visit the folks in Boise and often it was to take mom or dad to a doctor appointment. One time mom had a followup with her primary doctor and I drove her to the hospital. I dropped her off at the main entrance and met her up at the 2nd or 3rd floor where her doctor’s office was. She was sitting down as I got to the waiting room. Shortly they called her for the check in procedure and then took her back to a room to wait for the doctor. A nurse came to me in the waiting room and said I could come back to where my wife was and wait with her for the doctor. As we went back I told her that was not my wife, but my mom.


Several times I’d come to Boise to visit the folks and inevitably I’d go see dad in rehab. Quite often a nurse or attendant would ask if we were related. I’d either say he was my brother or they named him after me. Then dad would say that’s my oldest boy from Colorado. We’d really throw them off when my brothers Jess and Jered would show up, because we didn’t look anything alike (I don’t wear a beard well). One of us would cop a Wilson joke and we’d all laugh!


Mom didn’t always agree with our jokes either. Especially, when we were in the other room all talking about how as kids we were angels. She’d let out a holler “No You Weren’t” that kept us rolling on the floor laughing. I’d tell her, “Maw, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”


Probably the last laugh was when we were young, growing up together in and around Homedale, Idaho where mom had went to school. We’d go into a store and someone would ask whose kids she was babysitting? She’d say I’m not babysitting these are my boys. By age 21 she had 4 boys 1 redhead and 3 blondes.


That red-headed stepchild joke didn’t always set well with me and those blond jokes probably didn’t set well with my brothers either. One time that I know of my brother Jess got stopped by ICE because they thought he was illegal, but no he was just a Wilson.


It’s times like these when I miss mom, dad and brother John – RIP guys, Until we meet again. For the rest of us we meet online or on the phone every now and again. Love you guys! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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