Life can Change in a Flash




Life can Change in a Flash


Recently after picking up pastry at a local supermarket I was headed home and had crossed a major intersection. About a block away as I was approaching a traffic light I was in the center lane of an 8 lane highway I saw it was green.


I noticed a homeless guy pushing a shopping cart full of stuff and his cart had legs (a dog). He was crossing against the light and pushed his cart out in front of my vehicle. As I came to a full stop I was thinking to myself what in the world, why did he keep pushing his cart across this busy highway. He had no intention of stopping. At that moment I was rear-ended by a vehicle coming up behind me. The driver did not realize nor was he expecting that I was stopped at a green light.




I had been resting my travel mug (hot coffee) on my leg and the force of the crash had coffee flying everywhere. I looked around and seeing no other traffic beside me I signaled and pulled over to the right and onto a side street to assess the damage. The other driver followed. We both got out. We checked to see if either of us was hurt? We assured each other that we were ok. We apologized and the other driver kept asking if I was ok, and kept saying yes, I’m fine.


I noticed his Dodge Dakota had a severely creased front bumper (didn’t go into the radiator) and my Toyota Tacoma had a “stamp of impact” where the Dakota had contact with my rear bumper.


That’s it! I told the other driver – no harm no foul. I didn’t need his insurance info, nor the $$ he offered. We were ok and that’s what mattered most.


Actually I was glad that I hadn’t ran over the homeless guy, his cart or his dog. That would have been a bit too much to deal with. I got home, delivered the pastries and then my nerves went KAPOOEY! I couldn’t even hold onto my coffee cup. I had to sit down and wait until my nerves steadied.


I had been wearing a light sweater and after I removed it I saw why the other driver was so concerned – there were dark stains all over the front of my sweater and the right arm. It must have looked like I was bleeding internally or something? But I guess spilled coffee has that kind of look too.


I’m thankful that God had his hand of protection over all three of us that day. Otherwise it could have been a different ending. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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