Voting is Your Voice


Voting is Your Voice

I had a conversation yesterday with someone in her late 40s or early 50s who said she had never voted and didn’t know what to do? At first I was both shocked and puzzled as this person recently retired from civil service.

I gave her the only advice I could at the time to register as an Independent, so that she would get both ballots and decide which was right for her. I also told her to vote according to her beliefs. Which candidate more closely aligns with what she stands for and use biblical standards as a baseline. It may have gone over her head if she is not a believer.

I told her that results matter. Look at each candidate’s political history – how long have they been in politics and what have they to show for it? Most politicians have their official biography and want to impress voters with what they consider their greatest accomplishments. Those new to politics may only have professional accomplishments to fall back on. She asked about how they talk and what they say – promises? Politicians will promise you the moon but are usually unable or unwilling to get off the ground.

Normally each election is more than voting for political office wannabes and includes initiatives and political actions that affect us now and well into the future and you must familiarize yourself on each issue – pros and cons.

If you’re unsure request an absentee ballot, gather your information on ballot issues and go over them one by one until you are reasonably sure whether it’s a positive or a negative. Check to see how you are to mark your ballot, what is the correct name are you registered under (full name or something else) and sign your ballot with the correct signature. Lastly I suggest you drop your ballot off at an official drop off location in person. That way you know it has been received. Don’t wait for the last minute either, something could come up and if you miss the deadline your vote will not be counted. Mailing a ballot has its own issues, some require 2 stamps or you could get it returned for more postage.

Voting is an important part of being an American citizen. It gives you the right to voice your approval or displeasure with elected officials and the decisions they make on your behalf. Don’t waste it by not voting. Every election and every vote is important. Vote your conscious and don’t let others influence or pressure you to vote a certain way or for any candidate or issue. Arm yourself with knowledge, stand on your beliefs and stay true to yourself. Be proud to be an American. Be proud of your vote.  If you need help or advise contact someone you trust to give sound advice.

Happy Voting – your vote does make a difference. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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