In Case You Have Forgotten


In Case You Have Forgotten

November 2019 – China noticed a new virus but chose not to disclose this to the World Health Organization.

December 2019 – Chinese workers on holiday in China began returning to factories in Wuhan and to overseas factories in Italy and elsewhere the China Virus sending (accidentally or intentionally) the virus into the world. Announced officially by China on December 31st that the 2019-nCoV and later changed to SARS-Cov-2 had been detected in humans and took everybody by surprise.

December 2019 – President Trump had been impeached by the Speaker Pelosi’s House Democrats.

I have been blogging during this entire time as events unfolded I began writing about what had been happening and I have a pretty good timeline of the events of 2020 which started out with a bang.

January 3rd – An attack on the US Embassy in Iraq masterminded by Iranian General Qasem Soleimani led to subsequent action to locate this terrorist. Congress was preparing for the upcoming Impeachment Trial phase and issued no official response.

January 7th – The White House announced that Iranian General Qasem Soleimani had been taken out in a drone strike. Congress went ballistic and began talking of trying Trump for war crimes for ordering the strike. No talk about Coronavirus or COVID-19.

January 16th – February 6th – The Impeachment Trial of President Donald J. Trump led to an acquittal on both Charge One – Abuse of Power, and Charge Two – Obstruction of Congress.

Coronavirus Response Early On

January 31st – Trump issued immigration ban from China and halted direct flights from China.

February 26th – Trump organized Coronavirus Task Force and placed VP Mike Pence in charge.

February 29th – Trump issued immigration ban from Iran.

March 11th – Trump issued immigration ban from Schengen area of Europe

March 13th – Trump declared National Emergency due to COVID-19

March 14th – Trump issued immigration ban on UK and Ireland.

March 14th – Schools and businesses were order closed for a 15-day stay at home order, social distancing and self-isolation of sick and elderly to prevent virus spread (Continued for 6 months).

March 18th – Trump issues EO prioritizing and allocating health and medical resources to respond to COVID-19

March 18th – Trump invokes the Defense Production Act of 1950 to mobilize Mercy hospital ships to Los Angeles and New York City; mobilize Army Corps of Engineers assets to convert hotels and conference centers into temporary hospitals nationwide; Authorizing corporations to convert to wartime production of Personal Protection Equipment (gloves, masks and ventilators); fast track already available and highly suitable medications to slow the spread of the virus; encourage Congress to pass stimulus bill to help citizens, small businesses and corporations during pandemic.

March 20th – Trump issues memorandum on delegation of functions – Exchange Stabilization Fund.

March 20th – Trump issues memorandum on providing federal support for governors’ (California, New York and Washington) to use National Guard to respond to COVID-19.

March 23rd – Trump issues EO preventing hoarding of health and medical resources.

March 24th – Trump issues travel ban on Northern and Southern US borders.

Trump Administration conducted meetings with governors, CEOs and medical professionals all lending input as how to best deal with the Coronavirus and make sustainable progress.

On March 27th I wrote “Reporting on Facts or Fake News” citing the above listed sequence of events of Trump’s response to the China Virus or as it’s now called COVID-19 virus.

During those early months and since that time what has Congress done to aid and insure protection of American citizens? There was the rush on toilet paper, cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer in short supply because of COVID-19, why? We’ve had reports of farmers being ordered to dump eggs, milk and slaughter livestock all in the name of COVID-19, why?  Many businesses labeled non-essential closed for good, while others deemed essential remained open with caveats (restricted or limited patrons; social distancing; staggered shopping times for seniors; and masks)? Churches were ordered closed. Schools were ordered closed. Beaches, parks and outdoor activities were ordered closed. America was ordered closed, yet liquor stores, barbershops and beauty salons were ordered closed, big box stores and bars deemed essential were allowed to remain open all in the name of COVID-19. Why have our politicians chosen to close down America indefinitely, was it COVID-19 or was it FEAR? Even today Americans are fearful that wearing masks is causing severe side-effects like nasty rashes and breathing in carbon dioxide, while those who wear masks fear those who don’t are going to kill them with the virus. This has gotten out of hand and is purely ridiculous! It is my opinion that this is purely a means of using fear and tactics to maintain control for obvious political reasons.

We wondered what was coming after the virus and we found out in May that an incident occurring in Minneapolis was the trigger point for Peaceful Protests for Social Change leading to riots, looting and killing of innocent lives primarily for no apparent reason. Organized domestic terrorism began using fascist groups like Antifa and the racist Black Lives Matter along with White Nationalists who began their march across America from Portland and Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles to Denver and Chicago, Milwaukee and Houston to New York City and District of Columbia. Much like the infamous Sherman’s March of the Civil War era, these were organized and funded movements designed to disrupt national unity and stir up racial and class division of Americans against each other while social distancing and wearing face masks. Many businesses were destroyed, public and private property damaged and destroyed, many lives have been lost and NOBODY IS BEING HELD RESPONSIBLE! Oh there is plenty of blame to go around to cowardly governors and mayors who’d rather capitulate to domestic terrorists at the expense of their citizens. Offenders arrested for committing these violent crimes were often released without charge and returned to the streets to commit crimes again and again. Law Enforcement Officers have been demonized, put on a short leash and told to stand down in the face of violent rioters. Police agencies are being defunded and made obsolete while citizens are left to fend for themselves. Those who arm themselves and stand up to defend their families and their properties are being arrested and charged instead of the rioters who threaten them.

Before we can even comprehend the extent of these actions of civil unrest there is a sudden surge of more than 1,200 “wildfires” primarily throughout the western states where lives have been lost, property completely destroyed by fire and first responders have been completely overwhelmed and exhausted. The blame has been placed not on the actual causes lightning strikes and arson, but on two other factors – Global Warming and President Trump.

Make no mistake America is in the midst of a major civil unrest like no other in our nation’s history. American’s have been brainwashed by media and social networks to believe that only one person is to blame for the events of the past 4 years – Donald Trump. Their pathetic ideology also has determined that if you are on the receiving end of violence it’s because you deserve it as a Trump supporter.

American’s are not dummies and we are not stupid. We see the violence perpetuated by the Progressive Leftists in the Democratic Party and their lackeys in the media for what it is – Chicago-style fear and intimidation, based in part by the radical ideology of Saul Alinsky and the community organizing skills of Barack Obama, the deep state and others who’ve taken this to a whole new level.

What they do not know, haven’t realized or figured out is that we do not place our trust in government to save us with promises of free stuff by simply laying down our right to have and bear arms. American’s are keen to those broken promises and failed ideologies that promote communism, fascism, and Marxism. We know that politicians are only in it for their 15 minutes of fame with no sense of responsibility or accountability for their words or they’re actions.

When asked, what is the one thing that the world needs today? Many respond with WORLD PEACE.

In recent weeks President Trump has begun pulling US forces out of a series of endless wars and relocating US military assets to places where they are sorely needed, with many troops returning stateside.

And we’ve been hearing there will never be peace in the Middle East because they’ve been fighting each other for generations yet in recent days we’ve seen Bosnia and Kosovo come to a peace deal brokered by the Trump Administration earning President Trump a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. More recently we’ve seen Israel, Bahrain and the United Emirates Republic (UAE) sign the Abraham Accords in the White House earning President Trump a second nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

A reporter yelled out a question to President Trump, “Do you think you deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?”

I love President Trump’s answer, “PEACE IS THE PRIZE!”

Results matter.

Faced with a door labeled “Crisis” you can open that door and get to work or you can turn away and let somebody else do it.

Is there a family crisis in America? What have you done to fix it?

Is there a racial issue in America? What have you done to fix it?

Is there an immigration issue in America? What have you done to fix it?

Is there a crisis in the workforce? What have you done to fix it?

Is there a housing crisis in America? What have you done to fix it?


Is there a God crisis in America? What have you done to fix it?

If you say that somebody ought to do it – BE THAT SOMEBODY! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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