Interpretations of Democracy


Interpretations of Democracy

I guess we’ve been looking at Democracy the wrong way.

For Conservatives the Constitution is the rule of law in the United States and protecting the Constitution as a fundamental and basic responsibility of every citizen.

On the other side Liberals seem to feel justified in protecting Democracy by tearing down the Constitution, ignoring the rule of law and removing basic rights of citizens.

This is a basic difference between Conservative Republicans and Liberal Democrats and its only 6 weeks before the November 3rd, 2020 election and Congressional Democrats have literally tried everything in their Book of Liberal Secrets to influence voters and insure that the president is not reelected.

One of the Congressional Democrats latest stunts was to push forth a mandatory vote by mail scheme designed to overwhelm the USPS and local state election boards due to the sheer volume of mail in ballots. The plan was to mail out billions of ballots, not necessarily to the right people or to their current addresses and without their consent or request making a case for very real voter fraud.

Congressional Democrats accused President Trump of ordering the USPS to remove blue mail receptacles so voters couldn’t mail in their ballots and obtained an injunction stopping the removal of blue boxes which were located primarily in areas where they were not being used at all. The message from the USPS was if they can handle Christmas cards, and packages during the holidays they can handle ballots. Certain Democratic state Attorneys General began pushing forward threats of pressing charges on the president for with telling voters to vote multiple times.

President Trump claims that forcing a mail in ballots for all is a scheme ripe for voter fraud and encouraged voters to verify that their mail in ballot had been counted or to vote in person with a provisional ballot that would only be counted if their original ballot was not received.

The message from Congressional Republicans was simple – vote in person, but if you are unable request an absentee ballot and if possible take it down to one of the state election ballot receiving stations. Then follow up to insure your ballot has been received and counted.

In other news, Republican run states have begun reopening, some without restrictions so that their economy can be restored and life can get back to normal. Liberals Democrats have long held the belief that COVID-19 is a really smart virus that can distinguish between people who are worshiping in church and those rioting in the streets. Only those in church will be affected by COVID-19 so many Democratic run states have nailed the doors of churches shut while allowed rioting mobs to burn loot and murder (BLM) with impunity. To insure complete destruction cities have defunded police, eliminating entire city police forces and placed citizens on their own to fend off vandals (just don’t use a weapon). Those already being processed for burning, looting or murder were given a get out of jail free card by liberal Democratic AGs and placed back on the street. This puts a huge strain on city resources and citizens are wondering what happened to the police? Who answers 911 calls? Who responds to emergencies?

Congressional Democrats have threatened President Trump and Attorney General Barr with impeachment in an attempt to prevent the president from moving forward with a SCOTUS nominee to replace RBG. Some claim it was her last wish to have her replacement sworn in by the next president after the November election. Obama says we must be consistent in the SCOTUS appointment. Great legal minds and experts say the president cannot fill the seat before an election. Many have their opinions but I suspect have never read Article II of the Constitution. The president nominates, the Senate confirms and the new justice is sworn in. Nothing stated it must be done after the election.

In past administrations the Senate acted quickly or chose to wait before moving a nominee forward. In this administration Congressional Democrats moved the goal posts and created a circus atmosphere during the confirmation hearing of Justice Kavanaugh with false accusations, publicly smearing his character, his family and his career. After his swearing in, there were no apologies given by Congressional Democrats. What happened to those false accusers or those who supported them?

We have learned that everything is politics.

Being a patriot has an entirely different meaning depending on your focus.

Republicans say after the election we can get down to the business of returning to normal, building the economy, creating jobs and moving America forward after Trump is reelected. The best is yet to come!

Democrats say after the election we will riot, burn more, destroy more and America must get ready to suffer. If Trump is reelected things will get worse.

As an American I say enough!

Mark 3:25, “If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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