We Need to Pick Our Battles Carefully


We Need to Pick Our Battles Carefully

For the past 4 years what we have witnessed in American politics has been some of the most devious, underhanded and dastardly political acts known to man, or so I thought. I then made up my mind to do everything in my power to stand against the fake news, lies and slander directed at President Trump.

I became so caught up in the fight that I began to lose sight of the battle because the landmines that kept blowing up everywhere. Then I was reminded that this fight was not up to me. I have no power on my own.

I thought about King Jehoshaphat (2 Chronicles 20) as the Moabites and Ammonites prepared to come against him in battle and he became afraid and cried out to the LORD. In fact the entire nation of Judah became humble, fell down on their faces before God and earnestly sought God to intervene and save them from overwhelming forces.

The Battle Belongs to the Lord – Petra https://youtu.be/yLZJZsRJIC0

We as a nation must submit to Almighty God’s plan and ask him to protect our nation against these nonstop attacks against the president, law enforcement and our fellow citizens. We must stop attacking and fighting each other or we will surely fall.

Have you ever seen a pack of vicious jackals consuming their prey? It’s not a pretty sight as they savagely attack and tear apart the carcass and any lower pack animals that might get in the way. The Alpha eats his or her fill, and the runt gets the leftovers. Congressional Democrats are like that you know? The “alphas” get first choice and everyone else waits their turn to be invited to join in. Elected office was never meant to be this way. One would become elected to political office, do their best for the duration of their term, then return home and back to private practice or to the family farm. Lifetime politicians have poisoned the political tree.

What Americans need are politicians who will commit to long overdue changes in how congress operates.

  1. Eliminate congressional caucuses, committees and coops that effectively blackmail legislators into voting against their better judgement (common sense).
  2. Boycott, sit-ins or work stoppage = stop congressional pay for every day missed.
  3. Run for higher political office = resign immediately and commit to winning the race or going home.
  4. Misconduct in office = charges brought forward, tried and removal from office.
  5. Slander, treason or inciting to overthrow the president = removal from office and prosecuted for misconduct.
  6. Cut the Pork = eliminate the political perks (travel, supplemental pay, retirement plan, and medical plan)

Legislators should “pay their own way” with a meager salary that will prevent congressional “homesteading” in congress. Elected office was never meant to be a career path or retirement option. For some strange reason politicians feel they are irreplaceable or essential in politics. We have already seen what happens when an “essential politician” dies in office. The jackals scramble to pick through the morsel for the choicest portions as they parade around demonstrating their concern and care for the dearly departed unless the departed is still running against President Trump’s re-election campaign and unaware that the train has left the station. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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