Assessing the Domestic Terrorist Threat


Assessing the Domestic Terrorist Threat

Has anyone else questioned the execution, funding and organization of domestic terrorist groups assaulting our cities, law enforcement and challenging our state and federal governments, or is it just me?

In case you think this is Trumps fault let me fill you on something – it didn’t start overnight and has been gaining traction, under the radar for several years now, in the Pacific Northwest region (Northern California, Oregon and Washington).  It appears they were organizing under the sanctioning of the Barack Obama administration and members of a progressive liberal congress with funding from Soros backed entities spilling over from Canada.

During the second term of Barack Obama these terrorist groups began to conduct a series of civil unrest under the guise of police brutality beginning with the shooting of Travon Martin and others who died as a result of police shootings. Obama even entertained the organizers of the Black Lives Matter organization in the White House on more than one occasion during his presidency. Protest marches and rioting also took place after school shooting incidents. In each case presidential and congressional voices spoke out against law enforcement officers doing the job of enforcing state and federal laws. Many communities were left traumatized and shattered after the destruction and violence.

The election of Donald Trump and the failed Russian Collusion Delusion, the failed Impeachment, and the now failed Ukrainian Debacle and the China Virus bringing a new coronavirus to America and to the world I’m sure organizers of the terror campaign were wondering what was it going to take to change the mindset of the American people?

The events in Minneapolis in May of 2020 and the death of George Floyd provided the spark that was needed and Antifa, Black Lives Matter and White Nationalists groups quickly took advantage of to instigate and further their campaign of terror on Americans.

So how are they able to react so quickly with able bodies, uniforms, weapons, signs, banners, rocks, bricks, explosives and gases? Initially they seemed to have airlines, buses and other means of transportation to be on scene within hours. So where did they gather, how did they direct communications to participants and logistically how did they preposition needed items? Who paid for it all? Who is paying for it now?

Most recently there is a 16’ U-Haul truck seen on video prepositioned in Kentucky full of signs, shield, banners, weapons being opened up and distributed to participants in short order. Weapons are used on law enforcement with at least 2 officers shot, and more than 100 arrested during the Kentucky rioting in the name of a woman who was killed by police.

At the same time in Denver, marchers were massing on the state capital in protest to the same woman who was killed during a police response to a crime where police were shot at and one suspect killed. I haven’t watched the news so I have to assume that multiple riots have irrupted in various cities around the nation. I watched a video of police in Seattle being assaulted in the former CHOP area by armed terrorists. Again who is paying to instigate and orchestrate all this violence?

The obvious thing is to follow the money. Someone has to create the signs, banners, uniforms and weapons being used throughout the nation. Where are these things being made, transported and distributed? Someone has to do staffing, payroll (even cash payments have to be done by multiple “paymasters” or disbursing individuals? Buses at the ready, so who is dispatching, organizing and tracking them?

Some things to consider, the upcoming election has been threatened to be a contested one. The presidential nomination of a justice for the SCOTUS is also to be contested.  All the violence is said to be ramping up to an unprecedented level, never before experienced outside an active warzone.

These are extraordinary events happening in extraordinary times in our nation and it would seem that the natural progression of events would indicate that a president being forced to declare Martial Law and activate the National Guard in each state to protect citizen voting at polling places, while using specialized active duty troops to restore and maintain order (which they are very good at). This could also result in the recalling to active duty reserve forces and recently discharged or retired military personnel to meet the needs of the military.

What if the president decided under Martial Law to suspend the Constitution and VOTING until after order has been restored? Would this not be unprecedented action during an unprecedented state of national emergency? What about the mass arrest and confinement of radically charged fascists and communists members of Congress and members of the Obama administration who are fueling the fires of civil unrest? Would those not be other progressions of events?

A big what if Almighty God chose to intervene supernaturally AGAIN in a display of HIS supreme authority over our nation and our people? Again you say? How awesome would that be?

Christians have humbled themselves and prayed for God to intervene and save our nation from the evil of this sinful world. Yet many Christians have sided with non-believers in standing up AGAINST what God is doing on our behalf and for HIS glory.

God called a man, whom society rejected and have openly scorned, to become a sword to the spirit of Political Correctness and to stop evil. A man so focused on returning the nation to the basic principles of the Constitution which is founded on biblical principles and a man so committed to Making America Great Again that he will not stop until his vision of America has been realized. This battle for America is not against physical forces, but a spiritual battle and we are told in the bible that we cannot serve two masters so I ask whose side are you on? Have you aligned yourself with or against God? – The Real Truckmaster!


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